Hoe do I link?

I tried to put a link in my sig, I want to do it so when you press it, it will take you to the page.
Obviously, didn’t work. Help?

When you do a search for threads in ATMB with the word ‘link’ in the subject line alone, an astonishing 49 threads pop up.

vanilla, why can’t you try that sort of thing yourself for a change?

Of course, the above link doesn’t work due to its length. Ot maybe it does in IE, I dunno. Using Netscape currently. The point, however, remains.

Here’s what I find is obvious:
I think the main point about vanilla’s is that vinilla isn’t the one who made a mistake. Since people seem to ask this identical thing every two day, it’s obvious to me you shouldn’t be hiding the information under cryptic titles like “vB code is on”.

As to your problem, it too was discussed today. Again, the answer is to ask the board to change a little, rather than twelve thousand users.

I just went to FAQ and found out. No need to get testy Coldfire, though I
guess I’d better start reading faq more often.

Not testy, vanilla. I just don’t see why doing a search (or, indeed, reading the FAQ) is more work than starting a thread, that’s all. Plus, it’s not like you’re a rank newbie. Yet, you routinely start ATMB questions that seem rather mainstream to me. Just an observation.

weapons whatever: We use vB for reasons of capacity. UBB can’t handle a board this size very well. One of the downsides is indeed the problem with longer links in Netscape, as JimB correctly pointed out in another thread. The problem is: we do not design new vB releases ourselves. Also, we won’t use a newer vB version until it has been tested and proven bug-free (or at least, low on bugs). That’s the answer to your second question, I suppose.
As to your first enquiry: the FAQ is being updated as we speak. We’ve been rather busy. I personally don’t think a link next to a reply window saying “vB code is on” is all that obscure, but to each his own. I don’t even know if we can customize that text.