Hyperlink test today...

Here’s the link to my Yahoo ad for the editing service.
If the link doesn’t work, just go to Services; Other Services; and my ad, dated February 27th and posted from Gardena, CA. :slight_smile:

I think the system bollocks up such a long URL

Nope, mine worked. Click the “Quote” button to see how I did it, Dougy.

And only because Yahoo! search tolerates spaces in words like “Los Angel es” and still gives the correct results.
IE changes spaces in URLs to %20. Some search engines filter out the translated extra spaces.

An actual space in a URL is invalid. Trouble is that Netscape accepts the URL as written, and it has an actual space in it.

This has been a problem since day one of having vBulletin software. It was reported as a bug here and to vBulletin. There is no reason to insert a space for a line break in non-displaying text. vBulletin already had a patch, or “Hack” as they call it, to fix this. That was a year ago and the SDMB has still not implemented it.

The people at the SDMB really want references or sites for their assertions, yet, if the URL is over 100 characters long, it doesn’t work for people using Netscape and only sometimes works for people using IE.

This is a known bug with a known solution and posting search results is a big part of the SDMB.

The SDMB doesn’t like large blocks of text quoted because of copyright problems, yet, long URLs from searches won’t work. I fail to understand why this hasn’t been fixed.
Hey, dougie, can you edit that for me? Fix it so it gets the point across but doesn’t sound like I’m trying to piss my hosts off. Can you do that?