Test of something noticed in Cecil section

http://www.islam- qa.com/QA/5|Jurisprudence_and_Islamic_Rulings(Fiqh)/Alhudood_WatTa’azeerat(Punishment_and_Judicial Sentences_)/Punishment_of_one_who_leaves_Islaam.27031998.696.shtml

Board software wants a space there in the domain name. Hm.
[http://www.islam- qa.com/QA/5|Jurisprudence_and_Islamic_Rulings(Fiqh)/Alhudood_WatTa’azeerat(Punishment_and_Judicial Sentences_)/Punishment_of_one_who_leaves_Islaam.27031998.696.shtml](http://www.islam- qa.com/QA/5|Jurisprudence_and_Islamic_Rulings(Fiqh)/Alhudood_WatTa’azeerat(Punishment_and_Judicial Sentences_)/Punishment_of_one_who_leaves_Islaam.27031998.696.shtml)

Are both these links broken? Testing.

Oops. Realised something.
http://www.islam-qa.com/QA/5|Jurisprudence_and_Islamic_Rulings(Fiqh)/Alhudood_WatTa’azeerat(Punishment_and_Judicial Sentences_)/Punishment_of_one_who_leaves_Islaam.27031998.696.shtml

[http://www.islam-qa.com/QA/5|Jurisprudence_and_Islamic_Rulings(Fiqh)/Alhudood_WatTa’azeerat(Punishment_and_Judicial Sentences_)/Punishment_of_one_who_leaves_Islaam.27031998.696.shtml](http://www.islam-qa.com/QA/5|Jurisprudence_and_Islamic_Rulings(Fiqh)/Alhudood_WatTa’azeerat(Punishment_and_Judicial Sentences_)/Punishment_of_one_who_leaves_Islaam.27031998.696.shtml)

http://www.islam-qa.com/QA/5|Jurisprudence_and_Islamic_Rulings(Fiqh)/Alhudood_WatTa’azeerat(Punishment_and_Judicial Sentences_)/Punishment_of_one_who_leaves_Islaam.27031998.696.shtml
[http://www.islam-qa.com/QA/5|Jurisprudence_and_Islamic_Rulings(Fiqh)/Alhudood_WatTa’azeerat(Punishment_and_Judicial Sentences_)/Punishment_of_one_who_leaves_Islaam.27031998.696.shtml](http://www.islam-qa.com/QA/5|Jurisprudence_and_Islamic_Rulings(Fiqh)/Alhudood_WatTa’azeerat(Punishment_and_Judicial Sentences_)/Punishment_of_one_who_leaves_Islaam.27031998.696.shtml)

Yep, it must be the board software.




maybe it has to be a website.


OKAY. Now we’re getting somewhere. WHY did it wrap during long, but nowhere else?


Because the system tries to keep the page readable.

Please do not do that again, making your friends have to scroll back and forth to see postings are inconsiderate.

You do not see this very often because when moderators find this situation they edit the offending post to correct the page width. Or they close the thread. Which I’m doing now.

your humble TubaDiva

TubaDiva, do you think you could get them to alter this annoying behaviour when someone is posting a link?
Alternatively, if links are past a certain size, automatically use vB code on them (giving a default message, like “click here for long link”)
As it is, even if I try to use vB code, it still mangles the url tag.

At the very least, eliminating this insertion of spaces for any text that is between the [ and ] of a url tag would make it possible to post long links to the board.

No, Tuba, I was trying to figure out why it wrapped during the word ‘long’ in the really long sentence, but not again later when it got too long.

I don’t think this test was inappropriate for ATMB, seeing as how this is the place for test threads.


And just to clarify. It wraps at the - , but it’s the insertion of a " " between “l” and “ong” in “long” that was strange.
That’s not so bad - it’s the insertion of spaces in URLs that should be fixed.

see if this works…

[really long link](http://www.islam- qa.com/QA/5|Jurisprudence_and_Islamic_Rulings(Fiqh)/Alhudood_WatTa’azeerat(Punishment_and_Judicial Sentences_)/Punishment_of_one_who_leaves_Islaam.27031998.696.shtml)

REAL link to long named site

How strange, even with the url tags, the board automatically adds a space after the dash in the address.

[in code url?](http://www.islam-qa.com/QA/5|Jurisprudence_and_Islamic_Rulings(Fiqh)/Alhudood_WatTa'azeerat(_Punishment_and_Judicial_Sentences_)/Punishment_of_one_who_leaves_Islaam.27031998.696.shtml)

Darn it. it still mangles them.
well, let’s see after posting

http://www.islam[sup][/sup]-[sup][/sup]qa.com/QA/5|Jurisprudence_and_Islamic_Rulings(Fiqh)/Alhudood_WatTa'azeerat(_Punishment_and_Judicial_ Sentences_)/Punishment_of_one_who_leaves_Islaam.27031998.696.shtml

It should now at least be able to be cut and pasted into a browser window.

Dammit. I refuse to believe that there is no way to post this damn thing. Let’s try cheating.|Jurisprudence_and_Islamic_Rulings(Fiqh)/Alhudood_WatTa’azeerat(Punishment_and_Judicial Sentences_)/Punishment_of_one_who_leaves_Islaam.27031998.696.shtml

I think the page just no longer exists.
I can’t get it even with cut and paste.
Was it a news item that just expired?

The page exists - you probably missed a space.

Kyberneticist, I have been sitting here fooling around with this. Yes, you’re right, the page exists. I finally tracked the page down by going to islam-qa.com and looking around–it’s about halfway down their Q & A page, under Jurisprudence. However, no matter how I Copy and Paste it into my window, I also get a Page Not Found. Same thing when I try to make it into an embedded link. I can get back to it from my History folder, but not by Copy and Pasting the URL. Very weird. I’m using Win95 and IE5.

Is it maybe something to do with the fact that it’s a message board? Maybe their software doesn’t support being able to link to a specific page by using the URL.

Maybe when you’re Copy and Pasting it into your window, your computer actually can’t find it, either, but it’s completing the URL for you by going and getting it out of your History folder.

Anyway, to address the OP, is there some particular reason you want to entire really long URL to show? Do people need to see that?

Here, minus the http, is the address that I got. So I don’t screw up the word wrap, too, I’m adding carriage returns:





It was just an experiment to see if there was a way around the board consistently screwing up long URLs in general.
In order to get it the link to work you have to remove three " " that are inserted in the link. Cutting and pasting does work though if you do that. Also clicking on the link, then correcting it after you click.

Ideally a patch that would make the board software skip inserting spaces in links that are of the form [ url = <link> ] would be perfect.
No matter how long a link in the url tag is, it isn’t going to screw up line wrapping.