Hoecake--do you know what it is without Googling?

I’m old and from Virginia, so I have an advantage.

Isn’t is like a thick pancake made with corn meal and cooked in a lot of oil?

Sure I do - it’s a cornbread made from cornmeal and water. So named because you could conceivably bake it on the blade of a hoe, during your lunch - excuse me, samclem, you’re from Virginia - dinner break, in the fields.

Never actually had any, though.

I had to google it to make sure. Turns out I was right, but I don’t recall where I’ve heard of it before. I grew up in Maryland, right over the border with Virginia, so maybe it’s a childhood memory.

Baked by snakes, of course.

I know because I’ve eaten them. Never had heard of them until I lived in Tallahassee, tho.

It’s like a cross between a pancake and cornbread, I think.

ETA - yep, looks right to me. Didn’t remember the bit about just using water tho.


Madame Pepperwinkle fixes them occasionally, so, yes.

A resounding no, from up north.

Yup, tho i’ve never made or eaten them.

It’s what you turn 'round while you boil that cabbage down.

Yes, I knew what it was, and I’m from the frozen (US) northland. I’ve read a lot of books set in the south.

Yep, but most of my family is from The South, and I read a lot. I also remember the lyrics to the Smothers Brothers’ “Boil That Cabbage Down.”

Winky Dinky Ho Cake

Hos gotta eat, too!

Yes. My mom, the historical fiction lover, decided to make some for us after reading about them. Not a fan.

I knew what it was, but I have never had it. I too am a Virginian.

Yep. Remember reading about them and they were mentioned in what we used to call “Social Studies”


To answer the OP: No (I’m Californian).

Loved that movie! I always thought that about hoecakes, too, even before the film. There’s always work at the Post Office.

Dad made them for us as kids. They were alright.