Hoegaarden on tap in DC...?

This is sorta random, but I can’t find any other place to get this info…

Do any of you Washington D.C. dopers know where one can get the wonderful beer Hoegaarden on tap in D.C.?

Thanks… Sorry if this isn’t quite mundane or pointless enough :slight_smile:


Belgian beer, right? Try the Brickskeller.

Haven’t been there in years, but it’s an upscale bar. They used to serve bread and cheese to you while you waited for your beer. Don’t know if they still do though.

Mmmmm, the brickskeller. My favorite bar in all of DC. However, its one drawback (besides the fact that its smokey, but thats all DC bars) is that most of its beers (including my beloved Hoegaarden) are in bottles. However, Hoegaarden in a bottle is still really really good… but on tap… OH on tap…


Hoegaerden from bottle: serve chilled but the bottle must be shaken before served.


PS. I visited the Hoegaerden brewery (De Kluis) last summer.

And now: a Hoegaerden.

Not really shaken, although it helps to turn the bottle upside down, and then back. But pouring it in its entirety without stirring it is fine, too.

Mind you, that only goes for Hoegaerden white beer. If you’re having a Fruit Defendu or a Grand Cru, don’t shake or flick the bottle - and leave the cloudy bottom part in.

And then! Drink the bottom part of the bottle first, followed by a large sip from the glass. Not everyone likes this practise, but the bartender of a very good Belgian beer place in Maastricht told me this once, and I’ve been doing it ever since.

Ahhhh, Belgian beers. I think I have a Brugse Triple in my fridge somewhere…

Y’know, I just don’t think you’re ever gonna see people pining for American beer like people do with so many European ones.

Probably because all our beer tastes like chilled piss.

Depends. Among the 18-to-25-crowd, it is apparently very trendy to drink bottles of Budweiser whilst standing around in loud contraptions called “discos”. I’ve seen it in various European cities, to my utter amazement.

But it’s not all about trends: the Belgian beer bar I described above always has a supply of Pete’s Wicked Ale as well.

There ARE good American beers, but as with many things, a beer culture is something that needs to develop over many, many centuries. The US will be fine in about 200 years. :slight_smile:

I shelled out USD40 in a supermarket for a six pack of Anchor Steam one New Year’s eve in Japan. Yes, there are some really fine American beers, just none of the mainstream beers qualify.

I think they serve Hoegaerden on tap at the Bistro au Coin (on Connecticut Avenue, north of Dupont Circle).