Hold on! The march madness cafe society threads are not like the name 100 shit!

I did agree that the “name 100 xxxx” threads were post paddings, but the moderator is way off now by thinking these are.

Even though I NEVER participated on those threads, clearly the context is that they will end soon once a winner movie or sitcom is selected, these are not like the other 100 character post threads, I do agree those were post paddings, but the moderator is way off now by thinking these March madness ones are and now they are being moved and merged for some reason, hence no link.

Just a mild complaint really, but I’m wondering if you are over moderating here.

No kidding. Especially since CK closed the Academy Awards thread before the final votes could be recorded.

I think the Mods are steamed that the joke threads yesterday weren’t regarded as side-splittingly funny by some.

And since when do arts-related polls go in IMHO and not CS? I thought the entire point of CS was that it incorporated all arts & entertainment threads regardless of their content?

I don’t see any clear difference between the 100 whoever ones and the March Madness ones. Can someone actually point to one? As far as I can tell, they both invite one post from each person, with those posts being pretty insubstantial.

You’ve just described virtually every thread on this message board.

In the name 100 threads virtually no one was following the rules, and many times even though 100 characters were named they continued posting, the March madness ones had a format to follow as it was a poll, and they have a time set to end.

I have a personal policy of not reporting threads, but in e-mail to a mod with the subject: Not a request for thread closure, I tried to draw a comparison to the threads you all were enjoying and the verboten 6@6 music threads. Dunno if they would’ve been closed without my email, I’m just fessing up to ease my guilty conscience.

I realize the OP was airing a mild complaint, but I wouldn’t recommend anyone ratchet up the rhetoric or voice disapproval by mail, the person who’s the subject of this thread appeared (to me) to be especially cranky today.

I don’t know what makes you think that. Discounting the parody threads, the majority of posters put down the name of a character in their posts. On top of that, this has no bearing on whether or not it was a post-padding thread; indeed, since in your (and the mod’s) opinion they were in themselves post-padding threads, any deviation through argument or challenging would have been not post-padding.

Firstly, you’re wrong in this suggestion - the majority of the 100 characters thread were actually closed by C K Dexter Haven before they reached their goal. Thisthread andthis thread were also posted to after the limit, and I’d bet the “final” ones would continue that trend. This is also an unfair comparison because people were able to save their surprise at the results by posting it in the *next * round, instead of the one it was in.

And the 100 characters ones had a format - “name a character from this book/film”.

The 100 character ones also had a set point to end - once 100 characters had been reached. An as abused limit as the MM ones.

Just to be clear, the two March Madness threads I quoted are there to show that posting continued after the “end” in those threads, too.

I have to agree with the mods on this one. You want to *discuss *arts/entertainment/whatever, fine. But these threads that are more game than discussion should go where most game threads go, MPSIMS, or, if a poll-oriented game like the thread is question, in IMHO. The putative subject matter doesn’t alter the fact that they’re games, not discussion. Otherwise, “March Madness: Your Favorite Dinosaur” would go in GQ.

I detect some misleading here because the posts after a warning appeared, telling everyone the poll was closed (this warning usually never appeared in the other threads), are mostly comments on the process, not votes. And I remember that OP’s in the name 100’s attempted to make it one character per post, but that virtually never did happen, one of the reasons those threads were rightfully closed and called post paddings was that some posters posted “early and often” not the case on the the March madness threads.

That is ok, but the action here was not only to move them but to even close one of them, *the last one * were were many, where even the ones that were not participating, were curious about the results.

I agree with you there, so I don’t think I was misleading. How does the content of posts make a difference? You named as one of your reasons that they were different that posting continued after, not that posting continued after and was of a different nature.

You’re right in that that did happen, but i’m afraid it goes against you, rather than for. Posters often added more than one name; thus the 100 would be reached sooner, and less posting overall would be done. So, less post-padding. In the March Madness ones, people all stuck to “one post, one vote”, and so more posts were made/would be made. Hence, more post-padding.

No, the moderator said then that many posts came from a few posters in those threads.

I’m afraid you are not quite right here also, because not all the same participated in the March madness threads, it is not post padding when many post in a poll, it is post padding when you “vote early and often”

I respectfully disagree. The entire purpose of Cafe Society is for threads relating to arts and entertainment. If such a thread happens to incorporate a poll in the process of discussing arts and entertainment, does that make it somehow less suited for CS? What if it were a poll about “favorite episodes of Series X?” Would that suddenly cease to be a CS-type thread and be appropriate for IMHO?

And why would “March Madness: Your Favorite Dinosaur” go in GQ under your theory anyway? That’s pretty clearly an IMHO thread.

Good grief Dex. The March Madness things actually bothered you enough to have a fit and then close them down?

If you really felt it was an issue and that they were in the wrong forum, why didn’t you just friggin’ move them, and leave them open? What the fuck is the deal with taking the time to combine them, move them, and then close them?

You have such a snit about these threads being in the wrong forum-- threads that more than a few of us were having fun with-- and yet it’s okay for the mods and admins to post joke threads in the Pit and bounce a thread around like it’s a fucking pinball?

Well I’m glad you’re leaving everything open for the mod staff to enjoy themselves.

I’m sure you’re right, but could I have a cite, please? And I stick to what I said about some people putting many characters in one post, and thus needing less overall posts.

Not all the same, no, but a good amount of people voted in each round. When you consider that essentially all the rounds together make up one poll, that’s around 1-4 posts per person, depending on how many rounds they voted in.

I don’t see how “early” has anything to do with it. Often, yes, but as i’ve said through the actions of some people less posting would be done in the 100 characters threads.

I think your argument hinges on whether or not it being a poll makes it unable to be a post-count party. I disagree. I think both “Name a colour!” (a 100 characters-esque thread) and “What is your favourite colour?” (a poll) would both be closed pretty sharpish.

Boy, I was really disappointed when I couldn’t post to the last March Madness thread–the final one.

Sheesh, why pull the plug on it when it only had about six hours to go? And was the very last one?

But what was really annoying, when I clicked on the thread, it took me somewhere else–to a different, closed thread.

I thought it was some kind of April Fool joke.

To make sure that his tantrum was well acknowledged I’d say. :rolleyes:


I say, MY GOD.

I cannot believe that grown adults have their undies in a bunch b/c some of us were having fun – yes, fun – with trivia concerning a book that we particularly enjoyed.

And just for the record, I posted to the GWTW thread several times because, as I was cleaning our utility room, more names occurred to me.