Holding MAGAts responsible for their actions

French politics are not necessarily anything the US should emulate. But every now and again they hit on a good idea. In my view this is one:

France’s former health minister charged over handling of Covid crisis

Many officials in the Trump administration share responsibility for the politicization of our response to COVID-19. If this isn’t effectively malfeasance, nothing is. Is there a statute that would allow the prosecution of federal officials who minimized the need to respond to Covid? How about prosecuting governors? If so, would the exercise be useful in the long run?

It would be useful if it was a thing, but it’s not a thing. I mean, negligence is certainly a thing, but ask any Republican and you’ll find that our freedom to be negligently defiant is our hallmark. Freedumb! Even if it kills people has never stopped us before, and this pandemic has shined a light on this flaw in our American experiment.

With many red states vowing resistance to (and civil disobedience of) the latest vaccination measures, I wouldn’t be surprised if it comes to this. Pass the popcorn.