Holidays are Coming - Are You Flying or Driving?

I’m driving because I don’t want to get groped, and it’s almost impossible to get my spouse through airport security because of the amount of steel and titanium holding his right leg together, and he doesn’t want to get groped, either.

I’m driving because I can’t afford to rent an airplane to fly myself without all the current crap you need to go through to fly on commercial airlines.

So… 11 hour drive each way, $30 for gas each way, $20 for tolls each way.

If I didn’t love my family there’s no way I’d bother.

Flying for thanksgiving, driving for Christmas. Thanksgiving is in Georgia, so driving from Sacramento is impractical. Christmas is in Los Angeles, which is a six hour drive, although we’ll take the scenic way back.

I won’t go into how useful the security theater is, but from a personal point of view I don’t find air travel to be a huge hassle. Maybe it is because I mostly use smaller airports, but security never takes more then about ten minutes for me, and mostly much less than that. I can’t say that is a big deal in the great scheme of things.

:eek: I didn’t realize tolls had gotten that high. We don’t have them around here. When I was a kid, we drove from Massachusetts to Maryland and then south to Arkansas. I recall a Tupperware container on the car seat full of quarters for tolls. Back then they weren’t more than a few bucks. I’m sure glad I haven’t run into any tolls in the states close by me.

Driving. My inlaws are an hour from us, and my family is a little under 5. I’m not sure we could even fly from our nearest airport to my parents without chartering a plane. Even if we could, it’s a 2 hour drive to the airport, along one of the routes we take. It would be a silly thing to even consider the possibility.

Driving, but it doesn’t make sense to fly anyway - it’s only a 3-hour drive one way.

I hate flying, hated it before all the security nonsense. I just don’t like being in the air. I would rather drive or take the train.

Until they finish that expressway from Tokyo to Honolulu, I’ma hafta fly.

For domestic flights in Japan, you can still pop into airports here 20 minutes before departure and hop right on, so we’re a bit spoiled here. Narita is a huge ballache to get to from anywhere, but they’ve brought back international flights leaving from Haneda, which is much closer to central Tokyo.

I’m almost invariably running late for domestic flights because I’m an idiot, but a quick plea to the impeccably-dressed friendly ground staff usually results in a whisk through security and a quick trot to the gate. Aaand we can take liquids on board, including bottled water, hot Starbucks coffee, etc.

I’m catching a train.

Driving for Thanksgiving - 45 minutes there and 45 minutes back.

Walking for Christmas - around the house. Everyone is coming here.

I will be walking to Maine before diving into the water and swimming to my family in Wales.

I never had a problem with flying until the ridiculousness with security, policies, the insistence that we give up our dignity and basic human rights, etc. all started up in recent years. I haven’t flown anywhere since 2004, and if I had my way I’d never fly anywhere again - or until they ease up with the silliness.

My family is 600 miles away, and every year at Christmas I drive. I don’t go for Thanksgiving - there’s not enough time to drive there and back and have the trip be worthwhile.

I love Thanksgiving traveling because it’s so, so much easier for me. You see, my wife’s family lives in Manhattan, and we live in Queens. So when we go to visit them on Thanksgiving Day or Christmas Day, there is NOBODY on the roads, relatively speaking. It’s smooth traffic all the way (even the part of the Grand Central Pkway that goes right by La Guardia airport - everyone leaving town by plane already did so the previous night or very early Thanksgiving morning). For once there’s plenty of street parking too - a lot of the people with cars in Manhattan, especially on the Upper West Side, are what we call “American immigrants” (who grew up elsewhere in the US and moved to NYC) and drive their cars out of town for the holidays.

The week between Christmas and New Year’s, now that’s a different story. Lots of visitors to the city, schools are out, all our favorite museums and whatnot are packed, roads and trains alike are crowded and congested… But 'tis the season!

Flying at Xmas (on it, actually). We can’t exactly drive to Paris (France, not Texas), since we’re starting in SoCal… :slight_smile:

Driving for Thanksgiving dinner tonight… about 10 minutes away.

You forgot the train (which I’m using) and buses (which I’m not).

Taking the AVE from Seville to Saragossa leaves me 90km from the relatives and in a train station with hourly routes home (the AVE trip takes about 3 hours, add half an hour to catch the next local train and half or one more for that local train); flying would be as expensive or more and take longer, as there are no direct flights to within a decent distance of my final destination, and then I’d still have to get from the final airport to the nearest train/bus station and hie mee the rest of the way, or badger a Bro into coming to pick me up. Hell no. And the drive would be some 10 hours. In the winter. On my own. Re-Hell NAW!

Turned out to be none of the above. Mom called at 5:15ish to say that my sister was in the hospital and Thanksgiving was canceled.

Wow - did you manage to let the other 299,000,000 people know?

Thanksgiving at my house nota big family guy, at least not the family I have in America they’re annoying (not that Americans are annoying just my family here.)

I have to spend X-mas eve in Wallsend, UK then all of us are taking the train to the rest of my family in Ireland for X-mas day.

I’m driving to New Orleans to see family Christmas. 7 1/2 hours from my house. Looking foward to some gumbo and boiled shrimp.

I always laugh because (in my best Johnny Cash voice) I’m Going to Jackson Miss. It’s a convenient, mid-point to stop & eat on the way. Sadly, there’s no time to mess around. :wink:

I always thought Cash was singing about Jackson Tennesee.
Wave at me & **Ann Ominous **as you drive through okay?

You forgot-----I ain’t going nowheres but with language skills like mine, I should go back to Texas.

We’re taking the train to CT to see my inlaws.

I wish there were more express trains to cover longer distances. I’d like to avoid flying when possible but the train takes even longer than the bus for long distances.