Hollywood's best forgotten sex symbols

Partially inspired by this thread, what actors or actresses should be considered legendary screen beauties but aren’t? Maybe it’s because their careers never went anywhere or because we associate them with less glamorous roles. I’ll start with Glynis Johns. You probably remember her best as the mom in “Mary Poppins” and you probably don’t think of her as a great beauty.
Yeah but she was.

Helen Twelvetrees


Also, although she only appeared in two films (but there’s a biopic*),Eva Tanguay


I used to work with a collateral descendent of hers
*The I Don’t Care Girl, starring Mitzy Gaynor!

Diane Franklin. Her best known films were Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure and Better Off Dead, in which she played French exchange student Monique.

She also was in the horrendous Amityville II, and her career pretty much didn’t go anywhere after that, though she is still working.


Some things are best forgotten.

Louise Brooks!

The title seems ambiguous. Are these the best of the forgotten ones, or one that we’d best forget?

Marlo Thomas

Terri Garr

The best of the forgotten ones.

And don’t forget, she showed a lot of skin (nearly all of it, in fact) in The Last American Virgin. But I fell for her French accent in Better Off Dead.

Right. Very beautiful young woman.

Anthony Hopkins is famous nowadays for his portrayals of psychopathic creeps and weary old men, but back in his juvenile-lead days he was quite the cutie.

Damn! Indeed, HOT damn!

Joan Greenwood (and I don’t even bat on that team). She was beautiful to be sure, but probably 70% of her appeal was that steamy, smoky voice. Like caramel for the ear.

Check her out in the 1952 version of The Importance of Being Earnest (as the luscious Gwendolyn). She played a cougar in Tom Jones, and she still had it then.

I don’t know about “sex symbol” because she seemed to play mostly good girls, but Frances Dee was incredibly beautiful.

Her husband Joel McCrea wasn’t so bad himself. :slight_smile:

Farrah Fawcett gets all the press, but Kate Jackson was the hottest Angel.

Pola Negri

Norma Shearer

and of course as said, Louise Brooks

How about Johnnie Weismuller (as Tarzan). Of course, once he opened his mouth, he sounded like he had the IQ of a turnip.

Don’t forget Stella Stevens.

Jaclyn Bissett. Where is she now?

Michael Jackson was a handsome young man once upon a time. Googling “Michael Jackson before surgery” is shocking, and I knew what I’d find.

Elisabeth Shue has been consistently and undeniably hot for more than 30 years, but you don’t hear much about that or her work.