Holocaust Revisionists, Prussian Blue, etc

I Know I could have put this in the other thread, but I just feel the need to rant.

I have been watching more of PBS excellent coverage of Auschwitz and am just in a mood to scream. After reading the Prussian Blue thread I spent several hours checking them out online. Shit, fuck, hell, WTF is wrong with these sorry fucks? I have read the revisionist crap over the years, and Og help me I want to strangle them.

Not the two little girls, who are hopefully young enough to be “reeducated” but their psycho bitch mother April, head slut of the NA. I spent hours reading their boards, and goddammit, It puts me into a rage. Under the guise of “Eurofests” these scumbags try to recruit naive people, mostly young I would imagine, to their message of hate. Makes me want to start a movement to warn people.

How in the fuck from hell can these people deny the Holocaust? FUCK FUCK FUCK!!
If I ever meet one of these deluded assholes I fear I will beat them so bad I will end up in prison.

I usually have my girlfriend or roomate home to sound off on but they are at work, so thanks SDMB for a place to vent.

Shit fuck! I should go to bed I guess, but dammit, after watching the show I just got fucking pissed. I’m going to have a few beers and mellow out.

Not expecting replies, I just wanted to bitch.
Love you all, goodnight.

Those pigfucking piece of shit Holocaust deniers make me want to puke. In fact, I literally cry if I think about it for too long.

Fucking FUCK! What the hell do they think happened to all those mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, grandparents, aunts, uncles, daughters and sons? They went to Aruba and liked it so much they never came back? FUCK the miserable worthless morons who spout that garbage. I wish words existed to express how I really felt.

Reading those boards really pissed me off too. It’s a little scary, like a reverse SDMB where they are promoting hatred.

Some of the things they were saying about Jewish people made my blood boil.

Are there any explanations about the arguments they made? Something about traces of prussian blue or something…

Talon, from what I gathered, Prussian Blue, which is an actual color, tint whatever was supposed to be a residue from the Zyclon B, (sp) (gas they used in the chambers)

The deniers like those cute twins say it was never found so ergo no Holocaust.
Pardon the disjointed reply and hopefully some doper will correct me and elaborate.

I don’t get Holocaust deniers-wouldn’t they think of the Holocaust as a GOOD thing?

I imagine not–acknowledging the Holocaust would interfere with painting Jews as The Bad Guys. Also, the memory of the Holocaust encourages sympathy for the Jewish people. Thinking of Jews as victims rather than perpetrators wouldn’t fit well with White Nationalist world views.

All right, thank you. So why isn’t there any of the residue? Does anybody know?

There is a residue, but you wouldn’t expect holocaust deniers to be inconvienced by facts, would you? It’s a little more complex than that, but those fuckers really aren’t worth it.

from: Pigments through the Ages - Technical Information - Prussian blue

“The first modern, artificially manufactured color was Prussian blue. It was made by the colormaker Diesbach of Berlin in about 1704. Diesbach accidentally formed the blue pigment when experimenting with the oxidation of iron. The pigment was available to artists by 1724 and was extremely popular throghout (sic.) the three centuries since its discovery.”

The color of the German uniforms was entierly different, a blend of separately dyed wool woven into a fabric called feldgrau. from http://web2.airmail.net/recon36/terminology.html:

“Field Gray” (feldgrau) is the traditional color of German Army uniforms. The field gray wool used for uniforms at the beginning of WW2 had a pronounced blue/green tone. The color range of field gray expanded as more dark green, slate gray, and even olive brown shades came into use as the war progressed. However, the early war field gray was never completely supplanted and examples can be found of early blue/green field gray being used for the very latest styles of uniforms produced in the ruins of the Third Reich."

I always liked Prussian blue, and would hate to see it slandered (not much I can do to rehabilitate the origins of Magenta red, though).

See here, for example.

Well, I thought maybe the facts were correct but not the interpretation.

I looked it up on wikipedia. I never liked chemistry and didn’t take any classes for it, so their explanation went over my head. Oh well.

Your link is so far a lot more understandable to me. Thank you.

Thank you Slithy Tove for the explanation of Prussian Blue.

Talon, please note I am not the one making the “interpretation”, but relaying what Lynx and Lamb said regarding why they named their “band” Prussian Blue.

I will try to come back tomorrow with some links with quotes from the girls. (Although most of you have probably checked it out already)

Apologies if I was unclear, as I started the thread in a way pissed off mood.

Again, I have no idea if Prussian Blue tint, powder, whatever was a residue of the chambers, just passing on the explanation given by the Gaede twins.

Excuse me, but why not be honest and admit that a lot of MISINFORMATION about the holocaust was also spread by people who want to constantlt keep the thing going? Like the story about soap bars being manufactured from human fat-no such activity was ever proven to happen. Also, the idea that 6 million Jews were extirminated…the actual number was probably in the range of 4-5.5 million.
By all means, lets research this horrible chapter of history, but keep the dialogue honest.

Whether the precise number of dead is 4-5.5 million (or a total of 10 million Holocaust victims as estimated by at least one other study), I think that’s plenty enough to “keep the thing going”. If the soap story seems insufficiently documented, try Googling on “medical experiments” or Ilse Koch, for starters.

ralph, you seem very interested in WWII history, judging by the number of GD threads you’ve begun on various historical questions and hypotheticals. Why shouldn’t those who want to remember the Holocaust and honor its victims be allowed a similar opportunity for discussion?

This book,Denying the Holocaust by Deborah Lipstadt, might help you understand more of what’s going on in these peoples’ minds - what they SAY happened, as well as debunking some of the misinformation that ralph124c brought up.
In my opinion, the misinformation is almost as dangerous as the deniers - the deniers can point to that stuff and say, “SEE! Human-skin lampshades never happened! Human-fat soap never happened! You guys are making up everything about the Holocaust!”
Most deniers don’t deny that some Jews died; they just disagree on the number. A few thousand, in concentration camps, from disease. The crematory ovens were there only as a Health & Safety (and convenience) measure - couldn’t have those diseased bodies lying around, dontchaknow, so burn 'em. It was for the safety of the rest of the Jews in the camps - so they ran less risk of getting infected by the dead bodies! Yeah, that’s it.
I’d never heard the “Prussian Blue” argument before, but I had heard the “cyanide” argument - that there wasn’t enough (or any) cyanide residue on the wall of the gas chambers to indicate they were used for human extermination. The argument is that they were used for delousing and that’s it. The interesting thing is, according to Lipstadt’s book, if they’d had the gas in there for insect extermination ONLY, it would’ve been without humans in the room, and the cyanide concentrations would have needed to be higher than that used to kill off humans.
And the cyanide testers who “didn’t find any residue” evidently were testing walls that had been exposed to the elements for the last forty-plus years.

The Holocaust never happened. My neighbors who survived and came to this country did not have numbers tattooed into their flesh, and my dad and uncles did not fight in World War 2 against Nazis, and Ike (and thousands of regular soldiers) never saw death camps. Right. It was all a Great Conspiracy.

Fuck the Nazis, fuck the neoNazis, and fuck Momma Gaede, or however that bitch spells her name. Bastards like them make it very hard to remain consistent in my usual anti death penalty stance. Hell, I’d string them up myself given the chance.