"Holy Books" the keys to long-forgotten knowledge? [closed, duplicate]

What if all the advances we have made were really just giant leaps backward instead of forward? What if we had already known these things millions of years ago, and are just know relearning them? I have had time to read the Bible, easiest by far of all religious texts to read and understand, and have though that Adam and Eve is all just a fairy tale, hiding a much bigger story, the story of the fall of man, not into sin, but into ignorance, which is the same thing as sin, at the end of the day. When we were pure, and “with God”, we were probably a great civilization. Not the way it is now, but different in a better way. And after we had fallen, books were written, that told the story of what happened, and what we knew long ago, and how to get back to it. Yes, the Apocalypse is coming. The world will not physically end, but perhaps the world as we see and know it will end, giving way to a new era to humanity. Not the Second Coming of Jesus, but the Second Coming of Man. Do you think so? Do you think we really could have been great people once, long ago?