"Holy bouncing Buddah Max, we're in 3D!" Sam & Max preview!

Checkout the official site for the upcoming Sam & Max: Freelance Police game.

Many years ago, while perusing a comics shop, I picked up a little magazine about a detective dog and a psychotic rabbit. I laughed my [insert body part here] off.

Now, every couple of years, they pop up again!

Anybody for a game of fizzball?

Death from Above! Death from Above!

Is this ever going to be on PS2? Somehow I doubt my computer will be able to run this.

BTW, any folks out there who can’t play the old game, try looking up SCUMM VM on google. I finally got Hit the Road to work in Windows XP, sounds and all.

XBox and PC, Elwood.

Oh, bless you, Elwood! I could never make the speech and the music work at the same time! Yay for Hit the Road!!

Maybe the world isn’t so bad after all. I mean, it still has Freelance Police in it.

“Mind if I drive?”

“Mind if I clutch the dashboard and scream like a schoolgirl?”

Can’t wait! :smiley:

Finally, a game to rinse the bad taste of ‘RTX Red Rock’ out of my mouth.

Glad to see that Lucus Arts is returning to adventure games. Shame that the Full Throttle sequal was cancelled… :frowning:

**Stuckeys! **:smiley:

Huh?! They just showed it at this years E3.

Yay! I may dust off Hit the Road for old time’s sake. (I made sure to keep a DOS 6 boot-disk bundled with it – shouldn’t be too hard to get running.)

“The weed of crime bears bitter fruit… but it makes a great milkshake!”

Those screenshots look sweet – no hope of running it on my current box, I’m sure. Must have this game, though. This, Doom III, and Half-Life II will push me over the edge into new-motherboard land.

(Max’s “cameo” in Dark Forces was a high-point for Lucasarts easter-eggs. “A naked psychotic bunny! In the Star Wars universe. Life is good.”)

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