Max Payne 2

Sweet Jesus this game kicks ass. Its even better than I expected and I expected quite a lot. Everything that was good about the first game is amplified, with some amazing graphics and physics. It also runs much better on my aging system than games that came out last year. The packaging is superb, the voice acting is excellent, plus you sometimes get to play as Mona, a really hot chick in tight jeans.

Who else is playing?

What CPU and graphics card do you have? What resolution are you running MP2 at?

Nothing wrong with cross-dressing :smiley:

I just bought it at lunch, and I am looking forward to loading it up.

1024 x 768, most settings on high with AA on.

GeForce 4 64mb and Athlon XP 2000.

Looks like it’s time for my annual upgrade.

How’s the longevity? One gripe I had with the last one was it was too damn short.

My biggest gripe with the first one was the collision detection on the bullets. The entire satisfaction of slowing down in bullet time was to have the opportunity to put one right between the eyes. I want him going down if I nail it. It’s not just that it wasn’t one shot one kill to the head, the whole thing seemed off. Also, did they make any new sounds for when they die because listening to the same thing every time was tedious. Have they addressed any of these?

Thanks Headcoat, those are almost exactly my machine’s stats too. Good to hear I should be able to run it well!