The Fall of Max Payne

Has anyone else played the Max Payne sequel yet? This is one of the best games to come out in a long time (hmm how long since KOTOR came out? lol) I’m only on the second chapter so far (or is it part, the way they label them is kinda confusing) and the story is just amazing… from the first level where you wake up in hospital shot up and with the corpse of your love interest in the morgue to the dream sequences… and the fun house level, just wow. And of course there is Dick Justice! to top it all off, you gotta love Dick Justice.

Dick Justice? Isn’t that what Loreena Bobbitt dispenses?

Finished it up a couple days ago. I thought it was a great game. While I was playing I thought it was a lot harder than the first one, but towards the end I realized how the new version of bullet-time worked and then it all became easy :slight_smile:

I loved the first one, but alas I have scratched up the disc pretty bad. Disc doctor, I’ve heard, works pretty well, so I’m looking forward to going into BulletTime again. Someday I’ll get the 2nd one.

I just started playing it now today. How is bullet time different? I notice the hourglass changes color.


I’d heard good things about Disc Doctor, too, but I’ve never gotten the thing to work for me. Could just be me, though. At any rate, the Disc Doctor goes for about thirty bucks, and Max Payne for about twenty. Unless you’ve got a bunch of other CDs that are scratched up, it’d be cheaper and easier just to buy a new copy of the game.

When you use BT in the second game you don’t slow down, only your enemies do. And if that wasn’t enough, as your hourglass gradually turns yellow you speed up even more. So it is now usually possible to turn on BT, run into a room full of enemies, and slaughter them all while taking little damage yourself.

You’re now in the Matrix.

That guy(Gabe or Tycho) over on Penny Arcade said the game was really short. Your thoughts?

I’m intriged but most reviews are saying it’s only about 7 hours to finish, so with the $90AUD price tag I think I may pass.

It’s cheaper in Mexico. :wink:

I found it take about the same amount of time as the first one to finish. But if I had been familiar with the new BT rules it probably would have taken less time. In any case, I do think that it’s worth the sticker price.

I can’t get my copy to work. For some reason, it keeps locking up. Some sort of video problem - I’ve had it before with my radeon 8500. Very irritating.

Is this some terrifying weapon or punishing martial arts technique, or a character?

He’s a TV show character on a cheesy detective show based on the first Max Payne as far as i can tell. Apparently the radio stations in GTA3 where so popular rockstar included something similar in Max Payne 2 with TV shows you can catch on random TVs placed on the levels.

As far as the game being too short i’ve had it for about 5 days and i’m not even halfway done yet, but of course i suck. A lot of the people i’ve talked too basically just sat down and played it trough from start to finish the same day they got it, that might be the reason it seems short.

I always thought the sequel should have Max fighting his way out of the Betty Ford clinic where he’s been sent to kick his raging painkiller addiction. Maybe that’s a level further in the game than where I’m at now.