Any interest in Max Payne?

OK, so movies made form video games do not have a stellar history. Although there may be some that were good, none springs to mind as I type this.

But I like Wahlberg and Kunis is my latest Dirty Old Man crush. And so far the previews make it seem to have promise.

I’m away this weekend, I’ll miss the opening, but I’m looking forward to it.

It looks like a rental but I’m a bit confused about the trailer. I haven’t played the game but I never got the impression that there was some supernatural element to it, just more of a Grand Theft Auto with bullet time. The commercial made it seem as though it was inspired by Constantine.

I’m guessing the supernatural elements are more allegorical in nature – the first game featured a drug called Valkyr, IIRC.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to it, but I’m a bit doubtful whether they can pull off the atmosphere, style and dialogue convincingly – it’s been more than four years since I’ve played either of the games, but images and sentences from both seem to keep popping up in my head every now and then.

I wil go see the movie. It may suck like a Russian hooker crossed with a tornado, but I’m going to see it.

Like Half Man Half Wit, I don’t think the “supernatural” elements are going to be present, but they are elements of Max’s (drug-affected fevered?) imagination, or the symbolic representation of the nightmare he finds himself in.

[spoiler]There are definite refences to Valykie in the trailer, so Valkyr may still be the drug. The Valkyr shown are horrible monsters stalking people’s last moments instead of noble maidens carting off the dead, but I like the symbolism. V, of course, being the horrible drug which destroys so many lives.

I think they did deliberately change a lot because so many aspects of the just don’t make sense or wouldn’t fit into a movie story, and of course you can hardly fit that entire bloody story, with adequate characterization, into a 90 minute flick.

I was never really excited for it but I thought I might check it out until I read a review from Ain’t It Cool News which isn’t exactly positive.

I don’t know, I like Mark Wahlberg so I’m still on the fence…

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Nicely put, smiling bandit. Gotta remember that one! Though I suspect I’ll butcher it later along the lines of “will suck like a Russian hooker in a tornado” and colorful imagery will ensue.

Ever since the Anne Hathaway ep of SNL, every time I see anything regarding Mark Wahlberg, I can’t help but think of the “Mark Wahlberg Talks to Animals” skit, “say ‘hi’ to your motha for me!”

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Oh, I be watching it, even though all indications point to “sucks”. I hope it would pull it off, but after watching the trailer I am not so sure. At any rate, I will be entertained; either by a good movie or a very good laugh.

They seem to have included an overt bad guy just in case people can’t figure out who is the main villain. Isn’t it just more classy to keep the old ‘what’s-her-name’ lady CEO as the final villain?

I would just like to say that even if the movie is absolutely terrible (which I suspect it is) don’t let that sour you on the games. Max Payne 2 in particular is one of the finest action games ever conceived, in my opinion, and the plot and atmosphere is excellent if you like deliberately over the top noir style (though if you don’t care for the style, you will likely hate it). Instead of going to see the film, I suggest purchasing the Max Payne bundle from Steam, which for $15 is about the same as a ticket+gas+snack and will provide far more entertainment.

I have no interest in seeing the movie when it comes out. I’ll wait until it shows up on DVD or cable so I can see the special effects.

I really enjoyed the first game and I think I bought the second but never got around to actually playing it. Maybe I’ll do that as Garula suggests.

Thw best thing about it is that the bad guy is played by Sucre from *Prison Break *- posibly the nicest, most decent criminal ever to appear on primetime TV. I’m not really feeling the fear.

Anyway, it’s Wednesday and there are no major (print media) reviews online. That is *not *a good sign.

Makes me want to play the games again, the graphics were ahead of their time and I bet it holds up well.

The movie, maybe a rental or bargain-bin purchase. I don’t know why this particular video game is movie-worthy anyway.

RottenTomatoes’ first bunch of reviews show 1 fresh, 14 rottens…

I’m a big fan of the games and was very worried the movie would suck…then I saw the PG-13 rating and that was the kiss of death for me. Reviews I have seen have been, um, er, less than positive.

I just can’t get past the fact that the character is actually named “Max Payne.” It sounds like something from a Simpsons episode.

So… I’m guessing Captain Baseball Bat Boy doesn’t make an appearence?

:smiley: Well, it *is *from a video game, eh?