Holy Cow! (Top Guitar Hero in the world)

Have any of the rest of you checked out YouTube to watch this guy play?! I just read in Game Informer about the World’s top Guitar Hero player, David Briers. If you do a search for Wulfe guitar hero you will pull up the videos he uploaded to YouTube. Or, you can see his profile here. Rock This Town Expert 100%.

He was currently (at the time of the interview) the X-box live top player on seventeen songs, and in the top ten on most of the rest. You can watch him own over thirty songs on YouTube. When Guitar Hero 2 first came out, he took the day off and played for seventeen hours straight! Now, he averages three-four hours every weeknight. Talk about a fanboy, eh?

Holy crap.

I’m sure Brian Setzer looked at that video and said “Man, if it were actually that hard, I’d have never been able to record it”.

I love the juxtaposition of seeing this Slipknot reject jamming some rockabilly, though…

Wow! 100% on the song that I’m currently stuck on in expert. I hang my head in shame.

My friends have begun joking about the 360 GH2 leader boards. We know Wulfe usually has #1 so we just ask, Who’s got #2 on this song?

Check out some of his other videos, he’s got Master of Puppets at 98%, (WOW!) and You Really Got Me at 100%. He doesn’t always use Lars Umlaut (the troll avatar) either.

Work on Misirlou, he says he’s got 100,000 points on that song alone yet to earn, and that it’s “my weakest song by a substansical margin”.


That goes to show you. In the video game world, especially with the Internet to play against the best and to spread the proof, there are always freaks.

Have you heard the song/watched the video? It’s almost nine minutes long, and the truly hard part starts at about five minutes in. That’s why I was “wowing” over a 98% score.

You know, this also proves that, even if I had a million lifetimes, I couldn’t make a song.

I saw the video. That’s not a legit track is why I was dubious. It’s a custom track (which I didn’t know even existed till now) and frankly it didn’t look very hard.

So, forgive my ignorance since I don’t really know anything about the game, but with the amount of time he’s spent practicing the game, couldn’t he have learned to play a real, actual guitar?

That question has been covered to death in about 10 other GH threads on this board. Do a search for the answer.