I'm going to be in an informal Guitar Hero Tournament on Sunday....

Just With some friends. And I will kick some carcass. In fact, I shall spend quite a bit of tonight practicing.

I’m one of those karaoke-haters who inevitably gets the mic in their hand and won’t let anyone have it back.

I feel like I hate Guitar Hero in the same way. I avoid it like hell (have never played), but I would probably end up playing it all night if given the chance.

Go give 'em the wah-wah!

Could you beat this kid?

My son adores Guitar Hero. So much, in fact, that he’s taking guitar class as part of his junior year curriculum.

Rykid: The New Clapton

I’m currently playing in an online league of Guitar Hero Rocks the 80’s. I’m in the low expert division - I can’t compete with the high level folks who whammy the heck out of every star power and squeeze the notes but I’m holding my own. It’s inspired me to finally beat “Play With Me” in expert and work on getting the Log Guitar (5* all the songs in expert) so I’m having fun. Good luck!

Socks, how did you do?

My local radio station held a GH contest with first prize being Black Crowes tickets. I tried to get my friend to enter, but it was XBox360, not the PS2 version, so he didn’t feel prepared enough.

I’m not very good, so I compensate with stage presence. I have a viking helmet I wear for heavy metal songs and my USA-flag painted guitar named after Duane Allman that I use for 70’s rock tunes. I’m working on the Stevie Ray Vaughan behind the neck maneuver. Yeah, I know I’m a big nerd, wanna make something of it?

xanthous, don’t play the game unless you have a weekend to kill. I had friends in town last weekend and they passed up going to the beach to stay in and play GH all day. I’ve seen at least 4 people go buy the PS2 just for GH after playing it at my place.

My guitar playing friends always give me grief for playing GH over my real guitars. They have a point about time invested, but I simply have more fun with GH, which is the whole point, real guitar or not.

I think Rock Band will blow GH out of the water in November - can’t wait. Drum Kit!

It happens tomorrow, 2:00 EST. My schedule for tomorrow: Go to church, practice GH, tournament.

Since football season starts today, I think that at the tournament I will drape my Terrible Towel over my guitar. HERE WE GO STEELERS!