Holy Crap! He kissed her t*t!!

I was watching ‘Lady Killer’ on TMC last night. 1933 movie w/ James Cagney and Mae Clark.

J.C. kissed her tit! She was standing up, he was sitting down with his arms around her, face level with the breast, and damn if he didn’t do it! Twice!!

I think 1933 was prior censorship, but. . .wow.
Never saw something like that before in an old movie.

P.S. Cagney was pretty damn hot in his day. :wink:

He was just showing he was sorry that he’d smacked her with a grapefruit two years earlier . . .

[And, yes, Jimmy Cagney was a cutie in his day!]

Kinda sorts. The Hays Code (something of a misnomer, but whatever) was introduced in 1930, but wasn’t seriously enforced until 1934. This movie and others around the period (e.g., Red Dust, in which the decidedly unmarried Clark Gable and Jean Harlow rock each others’ socks on a jungle plantation) is what forced the studios to put some teeth into the Code.

He was trying not to show any favoritism.

Just in case you’re keeping score or anything, be aware that this did cause me to spit up Coke on my keyboard.