Smooching in old flicks--explain!

Teeming Millions,

While watching an old time movie last night, I found myself laughing out loud during several rather hammy romantic scenes. We had a leading man & lady in the throes of “passion”, but the kissing…man. Their lips were pursed together like a couple of uppity librarians (no offense to any librarians round these parts). I’m not saying I need tongue or anything, but the way they kiss in these old movies strikes me as really cold. Get to the point, you say. Alright.

I wasn’t alive in the black & white movie days, so I’m really just wondering: What’s the deal? People didn’t REALLY kiss like this right? Maybe this was a time where sexuality was just a little more subdued in the movies…So, it follows, when did actors really start kissing realistically? Is there perhaps a hallmark film?

I am in your hands.


Different times…different times. You didn’t hear swearing or see casual nudity back then, either. Open-mouthed kisses were a no-no under the Hayes Code.

Yes, people really did kiss like that back then. There wasn’t any color, either; everything was in black and white.

…uphill, both ways, in knee-deep snow…

I can’t help but visualize that bit of Steve Martin’s where he starts licking his date’s face…

But what about color paintings? If the world was in black and white, wouldn’t the paintings be in black and white too?

In the words of Calvin’s Dad (from Calvin & Hobbes, of course): “No, the paintings were in color. A lot of artists were insane.”

They were. They changed to color when the world did, back in the 30s.

Unfortunately, the kissing didn’t turn more passionate at the same time, so we’re left with fossilized cold kisses. Go figure.

So when did the romantic scene actually become romantic?

The world is a complicated place, Hobbes.

Deep Throat, 1972. :smiley:

(or maybe :eek: is a better visual)

Define “romantic.” Lotsa folks thought those scenes were plenty romantic. I, for one, need more, like her getting a “money shot” in the face, to think it’s romantic.

Actualy, I’m pretty sure :o is the recognized smilie for a blowjob, as chronicled in the book, Smilies and You: An Introspective Look.

Yeah…clarification’s a wonderous thing. Basically, when did love scenes get hot? In what year would seeing one of these with your Mom make you uncomfortable?

Ordinarily that would be so, but if you recall, Miss Lovelace experienced her first orgasm as a result of said blow job. Thus, the look of surprise and wonder.

Look how far we’ve come. Now, even our emoticons are sexy.

Did you ever see Greta Garbo and John Gilbert go at it onscreen? Or Jean Harlow and Clark Gable? Nothing prissy and closed-mouth about them!

Well, before we get too high-and-mighty about the old days, perhaps we should explain why in cable softcore porn, there are so many scenes where the guy is clearly humping the outside of the woman’s thigh …

No one can possibly explain that.