Holy crap I think we just bought a house!

We’d been shopping for a new domicile for a month or so. We hooked up with a very highly recommended realtor a few weeks ago, and on Tuesday the wife found one that seemed to fit our needs on the listings the realtor sent us. Thursday we looked at it. I think the cat that was lounging in the bay window sold it. We made an offer last night, and the realtor just called to tell me that the cat pictures we sent along with our offer put us at the top of the list of people trying to buy the place. Deposit gets put down Monday, the inspection is scheduled for Wednesday, we are already pre-approved for the mortgage…holy shit I think we are actually buying a new house! :eek:

I’ll be asking all sorts of advice as this progresses. But our realtor is uber-competent and the agent who sold the place to us is a former student who liked my class, so we are in pretty good hands, I think. Details on the place will follow later, as we are out the door to go see John Cleese and Eric Idle in Pasadena tonight.

I haven’t made this big a commitment since I got married. Pray for us. :smiley:

Does the cat come with the house?

Good on you! Lock in that assessment now under Prop 13!

Hey, (hopefully), Congrats!

It sounds like you guys are in a good position though. So lets for the hoping.

I’m about to be looking for a new place soon. Let us hope it goes smoothly for everyone who’s in the same position.

The cat goes with the sellers. That’s ok, we have 4 of our own. I also saw 4 other cats wandering around the various neighbors yards, so it’s a feline-friendly area (not like ours will ever go wandering. They are strictly house cats.)

Grats silenus! As my aunt said to me when I bought my first house a few years ago: Welcome to never having any spare money ever again!

Congratulations! When I bought my first house, part of the deal was that we wanted the seller’s dog to go with it. It was an unusual request but we were serious. The dog was a gorgeous giant Samoyed named Bear that was about 6 years old but obviously neglected because the owner was elderly and in poor health. He agreed and Bear got to stay and be pampered until he passed away at the ripe old age of 15. He was one of the most gorgeous dogs I have ever seen in my life and would literally stop traffic when I walked him.

If you like the cat, just ask - you never know.

It is frightening, but once you make the move, you feel settled.


Oh boy! So fun!


In the 1985 film Top Gun there is this line:

Hollywood: “Gutsiest move I ever saw, Mav.”

silenus, if you have the time for ongoing maintenence of your place, you won’t regret the purchase. $$$ down the line.

A cat named Simon sold me my house. He very nicely showed me around when I toured and drove the inspector crazy by sitting on his papers. I did ask jokingly if the cat conveyed and the husband said “sure” while the wife looked daggers at him. I think they had a long discussion that night but I do wonder if they chose me because I praised their cat since they had three bids over asking price.

A friend bought a house here in the Bay Area over the summer, and also sent a personal letter and cat pics along with the offer. She’s convinced it’s what got her the sale, even though she offered only asking price – around here asking +20% isn’t unheard of.

Apparently, like my friend, the seller was a teacher with a penchant for orange tabbies. And it’s a marvelous house, with a full 1/3 acre backyard!

I’m drinkin’ a Homebrew for your good fortune as I type this.

That’s why it took so long to type. There is only one thing I do worth a shit with one hand.

By the way, in the last three weeks I’ve painted my house (did it myself for a quarter of the estimate), put on half a roof (fuck, a twentieth of the estimate? No, more!), winterized the swamp cooler and since the ladders were all out there and the weather is simply awesome, hung Christmas lights early, since snow is coming next week.

And I feel Great!

Goddamn, home ownership is fucking cool!

welcome to the club silenus.

A horse?
looks again
Oh. Well, that’s good too. I’m glad it all went smoothly, it can be nightmarishly complicated for some folks.

He’s not posted for 24 hours. Maybe went into the basement of the house and discovered what was lurking there …

No such luck. California houses rarely have basements. No, today was a tournament day, so I’ve been gone with my students all day.

We’ve already started looking at new appliances. I think I’m in for a very interesting next few months.

Congrats! There will be a few weeks of OMG WTF DID I JUST DO and all the disclosures and inspections and the vague fear of buying at the market peak will scare the shit out of you, but when it’s all over you’ll love having your own place.

Congratulations to you! Best of luck with the processes and the house!