Holy crap! Jon Stewart looked SO YOUNG eight years ago!

What happened? I didn’t see much in the way of “personal life” details on Wikipedia.

Considering that he is clearly in his early 20s in the MTV clip from 1990, I somehow doubt that.

You’re kidding, right? Political comic? Idol of the young liberal movement? Good for him professionally but bad for him personally? Last 8 years? Something that would be hard on a left-wing politically-minded person?

President Bush.

From the hints given above, it sounded like one of his kids had died or something.

Do pardon me.

I’m hearing that in Stewie Griffin’s voice.

I think you’re thinking of Dennis Miller.

I first noticed Stewart in a hilarious, foul-mouthed HBO special back in the '90s. So I liked him doing stand-up, but thought The Daily Show was going downhill when Craig Kilborn left and Jon Stewart took over as host. I was glad to be proven wrong.

You’re both wrong, though you not by that much. Jon was born in November 1962.

It is otherwise forgettable drek, but check out ‘The Faculty’ sometime. It features a young Jon Stewart as a biology teacher with a cool little evil goatee. Admittedly he turns into an alien and has to have his head smashed in, but even in that role, an EVIL Jon Stewart is something to behold.

I found Kilborn so amazingly unfunny that I was surprised that he turned out to be good in comedic movies. His Late Night show was worse then TDS and I thought he was rarely funny as the host of TDS. I always liked Stewart and I started watching to the show more often his first year and then started watching him 3-4 nights a week since 2001 or so. Does anyone else remember him hosting a tribute to Rodney Dangerfield in Colorado back in the late 90s? I can’t find reference to it anywhere and he was great.

I know that film and it is better now as I think of it as Frodo meets the Aliens. It actually has a very interesting cast and the movie was no worse than most horror movies and had better humor. In fact, Jordana Brewster is going to be on Chuck tonight as his ex.

First, they don’t smash his head in; they kill him with a ballpoint pen full of (generic, unnamed) speed through the eyeball.

Second, FORGETTABLE DRECK? Fie on thee. I love that movie. Breakfast Club meets Invasion of the Body Snatchers meets Alien? WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU?

Third: Yeah, he’s aged considerably… but I’ll bet almost any political commentator, serious or comedic, goes through the same thing. I know politicians do.

I was making what is known by connoisseurs as a joke. :smack:

Stewart just had a baby-faced look until he was in his 40s. (I mean, c’mon, did you really think I was saying he was 12 at the time? Really?)

Craig Kilborn has had a remarkable career. He was a Sports Center anchor until he was eclipsed by Dan Patrick and Keith Olbermann. He did the The Daily Show to little acclaim until Jon Stewart turned it into an institution. He spent several forgettable years as host of the Late, Late Show and that replacement, Craig Ferguson, has turned into a star. Showing up Craig Kilborn is apparently the best route to a career in show business.

It was on cable recently and I noticed there are a couple of moments where he is clearly trieing to prevent himself from bursting out laughing and barely succeeding. A brilliant thespian, he is not :D.

Funny (but true!), I remember thinking as I watched TDS this past Wednesday “My god, he looks ten years younger!”

Yes, acting and impressions are not his strong suit at all. I almost wish he’d do more movies so he could make more jokes about how bad they are, but I can see why casting directors might not want to get involved there.

The Faculty stunk on ice, by the way. Kevin Williamson was perhaps the single worst thing to happen to American pop culture in the 1990s, and the passing of the Williamson fad is one of the best things that happened in the 2000s.

In defense of The Faculty, at least it was rated R, which is more than you can say for most teen movies these days. There’s nothing worse than watching a movie that was obviously written to be R and then lamed up enough to get a PG-13 so it can capture the lucrative tween and early teen demographic.

Well, you started your post with “looks like he was 12”, then you went to “actually 12”. I wasn’t the only one who was fooled.

True, but the impression of Obama he did this past week cracked me up.

He has Bush’s cackle nailed. I’ll miss it…

He might not have been 12, but I was when I started watching it. And I’ve had a crush on him ever since. :slight_smile: Do you remember when his co-anchor Patty Rosborough left the show and he tried to be her strip-o-gram? I’d give up a kidney to watch a clip of that.

All I remember is that he never let poor Patty get a word in edgewise. He never shut up, and she never got to say anything. No wonder she left.