Holy crap! Jon Stewart looked SO YOUNG eight years ago!

Nuff said.

You need to find the footage from his MTV show. He looked like a kid.

Oh man, that is SO 90s!


Gah! Don’t do that! When I first saw this thread title, I experienced a brief moment of irrational panic and fear, thinking that Jon Stewart had just suddenly died, hence your use of past tense and the remark about his apparent age… Don’t scare people with your thread titles like that! Surely someone else did a double take on this one too, right? Anybody? :eek:

But yes, now that I’ve recovered from the shock of thinking that something might have happened to my favorite TV personality ever[sup]*[/sup], he does look a lot younger in that clip. As funny as ever, though. :smiley:

*Sorry, Stephen, but you’re a really close second. Nothing personal.

Yeah, me too.

The last eight years have been hard on him.

Hey, I think he looks pretty dignified now. He’s aging well.

I’m a big Daily Show fan, and I recall Jon remarking upon that during a recent episode… though I can’t watch the linked one since Canadians keep getting redirected to the ultra crappy Comedy Network website. :mad:

I too think he looks dignified. Or would if he gave up half his gags. :smiley:

If by “hard” you mean having to winnow down material to fit in a 30 minute timeslot, I agree. In 2004 (but strangely not this year), the night before the election, he begged the audience to “make things really hard for me” because the past 4 years had been very easy on him. :smiley:

I think Jenaroph means on a personal level, not in his professional life. The last 8 years have been the greatest thing for his career, but I’m sure he would rather it went differently.

I’ve moved this thread, and altered the title somewhat so people don’t think Uncle Jon has gone to the basic cable network in the sky. Hope that’s okay with the OP.

That’s fine, except that it’s a clip from nine years ago.

He’s our most important Jew! [/Mort Goldman]

Comedy Central recently reran Jon Stewart - Unleavened, an HBO special he did in 1996. He looks about 12.

I’ve never seen it before. In fact, I don’t remember ever seeing a full-length comedy concert of his. You can really see the influence he’s has on more recent political comics like Lewis Black.

Of course, I’m one of six people on the planet who watched him debut on Short Attention Span Theater on The Comedy Channel in 1989, when he was, I believe, actually 12. (Somebody needs to correct the listing for that show on IMDb, which doesn’t mention him at all.)

Eh. I looked a lot younger nine years ago too.

Er, yeah.

I was going to make a followup joke about comedy being hard, but this is literally the real answer.

Egh? Has the thread title been edited?

Holy crap, there’s like, three people in that audience!

I didn’t see him as Tobias kept pushing a basket of flowers in front of his face, and my attention span made me close the window in 25 seconds or so.

But I think he looks so different because he gained weight and went gray . . . something most people do in those years between our mid-30s and mid-40s.

He had a beard in the Sandra Bullock vehicle The Net where he played the trusting friend.