Holy Crap! Someone Stole An Entire Website

Just came across this on another board.

Someone stole this guy’s entire website and message board. How could the original domain name owner not realize this? And wouldn’t all the data on the back-ups legally belong to the original owner?

On a side note, this may have been the wrong website to steal. He’s going to have a lot of pissed off gun owners to deal with.

Pff, that’s nothing. You should read the story about sex.com (SFW)

You are saying that because gunowners - particularly the type who frequent sites like The High Road - are known for being a close knit community who tend to be knowledgeable about legal matters, right?

Anyway, there is more information about the situation here.

I’ve been a member of the forum since it was started and it was always Oleg’s site. I sent a donation to his legal fund today.

No, I was just making a joke about pissing off gun owners. You know, because they might shoot you with their guns.

I don’t get the controversy. We always say people should take The High Road, and now we criticize and sue someone who actually does so?

Tsk tsk.


:rolleyes: yourself

You would be surprised (or not…) about how many people have no control over their own domains. People don’t even know how domain registration relates to Website ownership.

I’ve spent countless hours trying to get back domains for clients because they let an employee register the domain originally and that guy no longer works there and he used his Yahoo address that is now defunct and no one can get ahold of him. Or someone got a hosting + domain package from some other host but they don’t want to be with that host anymore and now I have to convince the host to give up the domain so we can control the site. Or small businesses who let someone’s nephew set up the site, including the domain, and that kid is long gone.

I actually have three projects right now that are pretty much abandoned because no one of authority can get at the domain to make updates or changes. I explain to the people as best I can how to go about getting control of their domain, and how I can’t do anything more for them because I don’t work for their company, and they get scared and just drop the project. It’s crazy.

So yeah, I’m not excusing this Zeanah guy for what he did - and I hope the original forum owner wins. But I also hope this serves as a lesson to people to check up on who exactly has control over their domain names.

The computer systems of the entire city of San Francisco were recently “stolen.”

I have a story that must be told here. I was working as a contractor for a very large communications company. Very large. I can guarantee that everyone reading it knows of them and most of you have had dealings with them. We were doing some web service for them.

Somehow (I know I didn’t do it and I’m pretty sure the company I was working for didn’t) their domain’s contact information was transferred to one of their customers. Not one of their big corporate customers, mind you; a guy with a ten dollar a month service contract. And this wasn’t a domain for a side business, it was the big one. The one that all of their DNS pointed to. The one that all of their corporate e-mail went through. The one that all of their online presence was handled by.

The people who have worked with high end Internet communications have just wet their pants. For those of you who didn’t follow that the company handed a customer on their “Treat them like crap” plan both a key to everything they own and a gun with a “shut down a third of the country” bullet in it.

At the point it landed on my desk this person had been trying for a few days to get the attention of the management. They were getting flooded with e-mails and phone calls from people who took the contact information from the whois data. Needless to say once I regained consciousness I took this immediately up the chain. It was a disaster waiting to happen.

So naturally they did nothing.

I told them again more forcefully.

And they did nothing.

Eventually it reached the point that I had to spell out for people whose job it is to oversee major portions of their corporate infrastructure that the only reason the this enormous company was still functioning was because two people didn’t realize what they had yet.

Two weeks after I told them that they were on the bring making the national news in a way that would wipe them off the map the company finally got it resolved.

I was this close to privately contacting the customer and explaining to them exactly what they could do with ownership of that domain.

I’m a member of that forum, and I wondered why it went down yesterday. Now I know why. That’s fucked up. I’ve had a lot of correspondence with Oleg Volk. He is a good guy and I am confident he will be able to settle this situation.

As for joking about shooting people, this is something that non-gun-owners seem to have a monopoly on. Among the gun community and especially on The High Road forum, it is considered very, very inappropriate to ever joke in any way about shooting someone. It’s in exceptionally poor taste and it’s also something that the anti-gun crowd can take and say, “look how crazy they are!” It gives gun owners a bad name, and the very rare person who does it, on that forum anyway, is quickly admonished never to do it again.

A lot of people that I meet, when they find out I have guns, they make jokes like “Remind me not to piss you off!” or whatever. They don’t seem to realize that gun owners take this stuff very seriously.

Hear Hear!

I know it pisses people off to see the “1+” type of comment, but again, I agree with AG’s comment. I’m not even a gun owner, but I get all rolley-eyed when I see this sarcastic joke brought up.

Oh get off it. They know you’re not going to shoot them, just like they know tall people don’t have a particularly good view of the weather. It’s a harmless, stupid joke, and to get all bent out of shape over it and say HOW DARE YOU! is a little over the top.