HOLY FLURKING SHNIT! Ravens RB Jamal Lewis facing federal drug charges!

Man o man. A short 2 months after the season where he makes a run at Eric Dickerson’s record (and came very close) – two months after having the second highest rushing yards in a season in NFL history, Jamal Lewis facing federal charges of drug conspiracy.

The details are still a bit murky, but it looks like he was trying to assist a friend in buying FIVE KILOS of cocaine in Atlanta in 2000, right before he signed his contract with the Ravens. And there was an informant involved. Conversations were recorded.

Sure, I know. He’s famous, and he’s and athlete, and he’s rich. But these are the feds he is being accused by (not some crappy city police department) – Speculation at this point, but we very well may be looking at the end of his career. Even if he pleas to a lesser charge, AFAIK (someone correct me if I’m wrong) this still counts as strike three with the NFLs substance abuse program – that’s a minimum of a one year suspension.

Wow. Just wow. If there are any more Ravens named Lewis, I’d suggest they stay the hell away from Atlanta.

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Ray killed somebody and he made out okay. Jamal will too, I’d imagine. I hope so, anyway… there are few enough decent Fantasy tailbacks as it is.

“Hey man, how’s the game going?”

“Great! It’s almost halftime and none of the Ravens have been arrested yet!”

(I originally heard that joke about five years ago in reference to the Cowboys.)

I was trying to make the point above…RayRay was up against the keystone cops of the Atlanta Police Department.
It seems a bit more serious for Jamal, up against Federal Prosecuters.

To be fair, it happened before he became a Raven. The timing of the charges seems suspicious.

dutchboy, you shouldn’t repeat that where Weirddave can find it- he has a particularly strong opinion of those who make that accusation.

Oh, that’s alright. I didn’t say Ray did it on purpose.

Cool. The Steelers only have to worry about the Bengals now. :smiley:

Jamal, Jamal, Jamal…


Don’t worry; not even the Bengals will keep them from getting the first draft pick :wink:

Boy I bet Munch is glad we haven’t had to pick keepers in the SDMB fantasy league yet…

Not really. Anyone ignorant enough to say something that inaccurate excuses himself from serious consideration from the get go. Why bother? He’s probobly too dumb to read for comprehension, anyway.