Holy geez I knew it!


I’ll bet you a million dollars the Japanese figure out how to transform Tokyo into a giant robot right before the aliens attack us.

I bet it’s the Yakuza. I hope so, because I really like saying Yakuza.

Ah, the Japanese now have crackpot conspiracy theorists, too. Our cultures keep converging.

If he is indeed a kook, at least he’s found something cool to be kooky about.

he’s probably not as kooky as you think. you’d be surprised how much secret underground stuff accrues under major cities and just gets forgotten about.

I found out about six months ago that there is a HUGE cold-war bunker comple under our offices.


Sure, but why can’t it just be that? Why does it have to be part of some vast sinister conspiracy? These types of people never cease to amaze me.

I like the part about the Diet (Parliament) library being closed to the public and press. It can’t be THAT hard to get some member of the Diet, or a staffer, to find out what’s there!

Unless they are ALL part of the conspiracy…

Well if there’s a secret underground city beneath the current Tokyo, does that mean that it’s really NEO-Tokyo, and that it will blow up in a spectacular display of animated pyrotechnics (possibly with the aid of giant robots) before the neo-neo-tokyo is built and turns into a giant robot to fend off the aliens?

Oh i agree - i very much doubt there’s any kind of conspiracy. at least as far as i’ve noticed with regards to stuff in London and the UK its more a case of either:

  1. The underground chamber/bunker/alien cloning facility/tube line was built and forgotten about so long ago that the paperwork on it has long since turned to dust. Or its buried so deep in files that companies/organisations/governments just don’t have the time or manpower to find it and dig it all out again.

  2. The thing did once have some kind of super-secret purpose but its just that no-one ever got round to declassifying it.

  3. The thing has no use now - but the government/organisation is reluctant to make it too well known just in case it becomes useful again. This applies particulary to the British government - which hoards old buildings/premises/bunkers etc. like most people hoard pennies.

  4. Whatever work undertaken was never actually completed - so although what exists looks bizarre, there was a perfectly reasonable explanation at the time (this often applies to tube lines). But no one is still alive/sane who actual remembers what that purpose was orignally.

As an example of this, i remember reading about a perfectly formed man made underground mini-network of tunnels in wales that had consiparacy nuts buzzing round it like flies - the government denied knowing anything about it, so did the local colliery etc. etc. - until one VERY old miner pointed out that it was some kind of practice area from 80 years past that he remembered working on as a boy. (sorry no cite - i just remember my housemate at the time being one of the nuts)

Nah, it’s just the Gates to Hell. Nothing else to see here, folks, move along.

Entrances to Hell in and around the UK

My nearest is Famras :smiley: