Holy Grails

For God’s sake, let’s use this crazy board to help each other.

I’ve got two things that I’ve been looking for for YEARS, and all internet/friend/phonebook/psychic intervention has turned up nothing.

Let’s post our holy grails and see if anyone else on the board can help us out. I mean, for the love of Pete people, there’s how many thousands of us here? Let us use our power for good. (And actual, physical, tangible items only please; I fear we can not assist you in your search for ‘ultimate truth’)

Here’s mine:

  1. An old issue of Wonder Woman which I SWEAR TO GOD exists, but no one knows what I’m talking about. My grandmother bought it for me in the seventies. It’s called (I think) Wonder Woman Battles The Elements and it features her fighting four nymphs that represent earth, water, air and fire. Fantastic costumes and art. Anyone know it?

  2. A frameable print of a photograph by Jan Saudek visible at the top of this page on my website. It’s called “Le Grand Devotion” and it is my all time FAVORITE FAVORITE photograph.
    Please help me. The search for these items consumes my very soul.


Sorry I can’t help with your Grails, I’m too busy searching for one of my own:

A game called King’s Court that I saw in Toronto a few years back–like Chinese Checkers from Hell. It was in a pub called “The Court Jester,” and is out of production. I can’t find it anywhere, and if there are any Dopers from the TO area, I would be eternally grateful if I could get the specs to make my own board.

jarbabyj, isn’t that photo on your web page the original discarded photo from Spinal Tap’s Smell The Glove album? (You know the one that ultimately became The Black Album)

I never understood what was so awful about their original album cover idea :smiley:

“She’s smelling…the glove. She’s just smelling it.”


I just thought of my grail …

A copy of the The Warriors by Sol Yurick (the novel on which the 1979 movie was based).

I’ve searched libraries and bookstores from coast to coast with no luck. I do believe it is out of print.

This reminds me of my third holy grail…

A game that I played in high school that was something VERY similar to Monopoly. Actually, kind of a cross between Monopoly and Risk, and the object of the game was to own as many hotels as you could, and you bargained with cards and money…I think the box was gold colored.
Any ideas?


USD 35 from his official international gallery rep in Paris.

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Jarbabyj Could it be Tycoon?


This only confirms what I’ve longed believed to be true:

manhattan = great

I could just KISS YOU! YAY! Holy grail found.


I’m searching for the Mutant Universe A-M encyclopedia, basically a who’s-who regarding Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and MUTAnimals.
Checked out various comic book stores and TMNT websites-Nothing.

wolf, I thought I’d direct you to the Toronto DopeFest thread. Maybe you can recruit one of the dopers there in your quest. If I manage to make it up to TO myself, I’ll keep the pub in mind. Whereabouts is it?