Holy Hit and Run, Bishop!

From this AP story

And this:

Yet another sterling example of how our social leaders accept responsibility for their own actions.

Bad Bishop! No young boys for you!

Clearly he is a model citizen to be emulated and respected.

I’m just a little unclear on the details on the accident - hit by TWO cars which fled the scene? What on earth happened?

I’d guess it’s not all that uncommon. One car hits him and knocks him into the path of another. Or he goes under the first car, and the following car doesn’t see him.

That same mother fucker was just relieved of duites for protecting child molesting priests. Unbelievable. Time for some serious punishment. I know. We’ll transfer him to a new church. That’ll teach him.


By any chance, do you work for the Catholic Church?

Too bad you can’t scare forensic evidence into silence by threatening it with eternal damnation.

I’m not worried: God will whack him good with the “Mallet O’ Spiritual Realignment”.

His windshield gets caved in, and the bishop claims he thought he hit a dog or a cat.

Maybe if he was driving a Mini-Cooper and hit a really big dog, OK. But this was a Buick.

"Diocese spokesman Jose Robles would only say the bishop “was very exhausted.” Yeah, lying your butt off is very tiring.

Read the article in the paper this morning.

What a minute. He “thought” that he hit a dog or a cat and didn’t bother to stop???


And when I posted the message well above, I didn’t know about the ‘removed from duties’ thing.

And to think, this piece of work is a Bishop. A stalwart defender of God.

Give this man a ticket on the B - Ark. Fast.

My first question is, why hasn’t he resigned as bishop yet? My second question is, why hasn’t he been removed?

This is NOT what the Catholic Church needs just now. I can’t help seeing this incident as symbolic of what’s been going on in the sex-abuse scandal.

For God’s sake! If he’s not doing a Jimmy Swaggart number on TV right now, bawling his eyes out as he resigns, the church needs to remove him NOW. Not tomorrow. Not after an inquiry. Not “reduced duties”. Boot. Out. Now. What the hell do you have to do to get fired from leading in the Catholic Church, anyway? :mad:

Maybe he was on his way to arrest Mr. Devious.

“The Bishop!”

It’s easy to imagine scenarios in which the bishop was entirely innocent in the accident: maybe the other car hit the guy first, and knocked him in into the bishop’s path, or he appeared so quickly there was no time to avoid

In another AP story, a police spokesman says:

Sure, Boyo, nobody’s saying it was hitting the guy that was the crime. It’s fleeing the scene afterwards.

This story was highlighted on the Today show this morning. It seems at one point he tried to resign but the Church didn’t accept his resignation.

From the L.A. Times (registration required)


A dog? Maybe, just maybe. A cat? Where did he think he was driving, outside of Segfried and Roy’s house? Did you see the picture of the hole in the windshield? Oh my freakin lord, it’s huge, the photo in the paper this morning showed it to be almost as high as the windshield of the Buick and good two feet wide. A cat Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. Or a rock. Thrown by the incredible Hulk perhaps?

Maybe he thought it was his practice cat. Though usually, they spraypaint a red band around them so this sort of screwup doesn’t happen.

At least the guy he hit wasn’t corked.

What were we talking about again?

Hajario: no kidding? Not that I doubt you, but in the interests of preventing a hijack, would you kindly produce a cite for this information? (That you read it in a newspaper or heard it on the radio or TV news will satisfy me, though a website cite would be nice.)

Now, let’s be fair – he may have thought he hit Clifford the Big Red Dog!

If you don’t have kids, you won’t get it.

Here you go, Polycarp.