Priest caught having sex with 2 women in church

At least they were over 18 and not boys. I wonder if he got a discount by blessing them before they started.

I’m going to have to give this religion thing another look-see.

Somehow, I doubt it was God answering that prayer.

Your god, maybe.:wink:

As both partners were women, are you saying at least they were over 18 and not male? Because I don’t see why it’s worse if they’re male.

Are we supposed to be offended or envious?

old joke : 85 year old guy goes to confession and tells the priest he just had sex with a beautiful 25 year old girl. Priest says are you a member of this church? Guys says no, I am actually Jewish. Priest says "why are you telling me this? Guy says “I am telling everybody!”

You know, I’m really not sure why any of this is a matter for law enforcement and the secular courts. I can certainly understand that the local Catholic diocese would want to defrock…uh…remove this priest from being a pastor (and from being a priest more generally) mighty quick. But I really can’t see arresting him (and his partners) and booking them for offenses against the laws of the state. “Obscenity”? It’s the 21st century!

I wonder how long the other guy stood there making his recording? :slight_smile:

From the link.

Dixon and Melissa Cheng, 23, were booked on the same count as Clark, 37. Police said the charge stems from from “obscene acts [that] occurred on the altar, which is clearly visible from the street.”

It was long enough. Which is perhaps also a quote from the ladies involved.

The alter is clearly visible from the street? I would like to see a picture of this see-through building.

Travis Clark, the priest who’s been arrested, was assigned to this parish last year when the previous priest, Pat Wattigny, was arrested for sexually abusing a minor.

At least they got one with more adult tastes.

I can imagine Clark talking to his bishop, “So you’re saying it wasn’t just the age issue that was the problem?”

Was he shouting, ‘The Kingdom of God is within you!’?

Three minutes, max.

He wanted to experience The Piece of Christy he kept hearing about.

“Well, if you climb this here tree, and then climb out to the end of that branch there, and kind of lean out as far as you can…”

"The lights inside Saints Peter and Paul Roman Catholic Church in Pearl River were on later than usual on Sept. 30, so a passerby stopped to take a closer look.

Peering inside, the onlooker saw the small parish’s pastor half-naked having sex with two women on the altar, according to court documents."
Yeah, his lawyers are going to rip that “visible from the street” crap to shreds.