Stupid Religious news of the day

The Republicans, liberals, and gun people should not have all the fun. This thread is for the funny, stupid, and eye-rolling shit that people for–and against–ANY religion on the planet say and do.

What it is NOT for is the repetitious, generic “My religion’s best,” or “All religions are bad,” crap we have to put up with out of certain posters in every thread with the slightest fucking hint that such comments can be shoehorned it. I’m looking at you, Der Trihs and lekatt, but not only you. Violations of this simple rule will cause me to get very cross. I mean, kanicbird and others can get amusingly insane, but as soon as I get bored I’ll get stern. :mad:

To start it out, I bring you a black pastor who sent an email requesting that all the diverse church’s greeters be white, especially during this, the most profitable time of the year.

However, I suspect I’m not the only person reading this who wants to check out the Salome Church down the road. Link is SFW, which is surprising since most artists paint her naked.


Thanks for starting this thread. In Manitoba, Canada, a bill is before the legislature which would prohibit bullying on grounds of sexual orientation. Private denominational schools are opposed because such anti-bullying legislation would interfere with their anti-gay teachings. A part of this bill specifically states that LGBT associations in schools would be protected.

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It’s a week or two old, but Pat Robertson’s claim that gays have special razor-edged rings they use to cut people when they shake hands, in order to spread AIDS, must certainly rank as one of the stupidest religious-based claims of the century.

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Is this the good Reverend Pastor Pennycooke?

Gay couples should die on their wedding day.

I sent a letter to ABC Family for letting that asshole occupy their airspace. That has got to be a violation of a morals clause.

This one’s been going on since at least May, but in Kountze (I’d be careful how you pronounce that), TX, the local Independent School District (ISD) has been mired in a battle with its own cheerleaders over whether the cheerleaders can display large pro-christian banners during football games. The latest development apparently is that the ACLU has agreed to help argue the ISD’s case in favor of the ban.

I note that the Kountze Lions’ 2012 record was 5-5-0, which suggests that God may not be as big a football fan as the cheerleaders seem to think.

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Either that, or their football team is so crappy that only God’s intervention can deliver even a .500 season.

Does this count? I read this yesterday, but I don’t remember enough details to find the story again, so this is from memory. I guess the actual incident happened a while back, the news story was about the trial.

One man invited two friends over to his house to (I think) watch sports on TV and drink and stuff. They got into an argument over religion, with the host trying to persuade the other two to be more religious. At least one of them mocked him about “where was your God when you lost that game?” and similar things. At some point, the host walked into the other room, grabbed an illegally-owned AK-15 (I think) and shot the guy six times and killed him. He also wounded the third guy.

He is pleading manslaughter because, according to his lawyer, “he was provoked.”

Of course, this could also go under the stupid gun news thread. It’s just so wrong in so many ways.

He probably needed killin’ what with all his sinnin’ and stuff.

A Michigan woman has recreated the last supper – savior and all – out of laundry lint.
No, it’s not some weird new spin (cycle) on the Da Vinci code… but a massive painting 14 feet long and 4 feet high – and it took Laura Bell about 200 hours to make (not to mention nearly 800 hours of laundry loads).

And now, it’s a proud new addition to the Ripley’s Believe It or Not! collection.

Ripley’s spokesman Tim O’Brien says the painting is everything Ripley likes in a piece of art.

“We have smaller lint art pieces in our collection, but what hit us about this one is its immense size,” he told me. “That combined with the amazing color she was able to get from natural lint to the details of the characters make this one great piece of art, albeit a very non-mainstream piece artistic endeavor.”

Link [here.](A Michigan woman has recreated the last supper – savior and all – out of laundry lint.)

That’s actually kind of fascinating.

Link doesn’t work for me.

IIRC when Robertson sold his television properties the deal included a clause that whatever network emerged out of the shuffling would still run The 700 Club. So, ABC Family is running it, but just out of obligation. I’m sure they would replace it with whatever teen-tested-mom-approved garbage is in heavy rotation, if they could.

How 'bout this link?


This isn’t stupid. It’s genius.