Stupid Religious news of the day

Really? You had to go to a Freeper site to find the story?

Here’s a version from those commie bastards over at NPR.

Really, the story is more about folk art than religion, though.

And she did cheat by buying towels in the colors she needed. God doesn’t approve of cheating, which is why it’s in Ripley’s and not the Louvre.

I’ve got two…

First up this afternoon is Dana Perino explaining the fact that if you don’t like the Pledge of Allegiance, you should probably leave the country. I’m not giving Fox the clicks, so I linked to a Raw Story post.

Second up is a Documentary called Mission Congo which tells the story of Mister Pat Robertson raising millions of dollars on the back of the Rwandan genocide for a non existent aid program

Only in America.

You only get to say that if you are an American.

And it’s probably not true anyway. The world has a long history of religious leaders being out for their own benefit at the expense of poor believers. May I direct your attention to the pre-reformation Catholic church as one example?

Like hell. Listening to that schmuck is like listening to a Nazi white supremacist. He’d be in jail in any western civilized country. In the U.S. his followers cream their pants while babbling in tongues.

If you don’t like foreigners complaining about American Christians preaching murder, as is their wont, stand up in solidarity with Islamic countries killing gays, and Russia turning gays into criminals and vowing to seize their children. Never say a word against it.

But OK. Only in America and Kenya.

Is there a link for this? I’d be curious to view the actual words he used, or see the video clip.

It seems like if you claim to be christian enough, you can get away with anything in america. Good use of tax-exemptness, though, I’m sure, and it’s clear how much these churches deserve both it and “respect”!

Here you go.
Someone still doesn’t understand that once you put it out there, you can’t call it back.

Let’s be real, if they didn’t edit it out somebody would lambast them for still airing it and re-airing it into eternity. What are they supposed to do? I mean, other than set Robertson out to pasture already.

The “out to pasture” idea is worth a try, though. Why don’t we give it a shot and see what happens?

Thanks for the link!

Terry Jones’ evil twin is baaaack!

Or Uganda.

I agree with Skammer.

And I’m not sure of the lady’s faith and “The Da vinci code” can bite me, but the real [del]turtle[/del] Leonardo was more likely to have been a master parodist or was trolling the church, “Why yes, my dear king Francis, did you noticed? I made the human brain creating Adam!, Yes, that was Mary Magdalene in The Last Supper, and most of the girls were men in the roof of the church! The pope hasn’t noticed yet!”, “Hah! Good one Leo!” (Francis high fives Leonardo).

Rev. Scott Lively: Obama is the Antichrist, and is working with the Satanic gays to bring on the Apocalypse.

He is, however, going to cancel all debt and bring peace to the Middle East. So there’s that. Set your calendars to September 30, 2015.

You might be stupid, though pious, if:

You blame the restructuring of funding for your Ark Park on Obamacare.