The Roman Catholic Church can go sit on a crucifix

A 12 year old boy is sexually abused by a priest, and does the Polish Roman Catholic Church deny that it happens? No.
What happens is that those rat bastards are trying to push the story that the 12 year old boy was gay and therefore took “pleasure in the intimate relationship.”
“The church says it “denies that the relationship was based on enslavement or incapacitation; on the contrary: it was voluntary and based on mutual benefits,” according to a translation of the document by Notes from Poland” Story here:

Par for the course.

Yep. There are actually going with “You can’t rape a kid if he is gay.”

The guy is suing them and charging them with raping him, and they are saying, “naw, you’re gay”?!

I think there really are cases of 16 year old gay boys seeking out priests for sex. Hint. They don’t say they were raped.

cite for not-always-rape

(I know two gay men who had sex with adults when they were teens, although not with priests. One with a guy on his paper route and the other with a teacher. They both claim it was was beneficial to them. And they both have protected the identity of the man, because they don’t want his reputation ruined.)

Fucking child molesters protecting their own.

So, if a man rapes a 12 year old girl who grows up to be straight, it’s cool because she’s into men, so of course she was into him when she was twelve?

A pedo-priest protected by the catholic church? I’m shocked.

That’s the truth of it. It’s a profoundly criminal organization. I do not know how a person can attend Sunday mass with a clean conscience.

How has the RCC never been RICOed?

Note that it’s a particular Roman Catholic church in Poland that’s asking a particular court (in Poland) to determine if a boy is gay, not the entire Roman Catholic Church who’s asking it or supporting this action. The fact that there has been a lot of sexual abuse of boys by priests is now acknowledged by the church as a whole as well as many catholics. In fact, the Oscar for Best Picture in 2015 went to a movie about this sexual abuse. Yes, there are many particular Roman Catholic churches, priests, and parts of the hierarchy that refuse to accept blame. But a lot of the hierarchy does accept blame.

Well, you can’t swing a thurible without hitting a kid who’s been sexually abused by a priest.

Yes, there was a huge amount of sexual abuse of boys by priests. Yes, the church as a whole acknowledges this. This particular court case is by a particular church in Poland. There is a distinction between what one church does and what the overall church hierarchy does.

I wonder how long before the Pope chooses to comment on this case. Or is he still too concerned with the selfish owners of pets?

And what is the overall Church hierarchy going to do about this particular church? Because that’s the thing about the RCC. Unlike some faiths, they do have a hierarchy which carries authority over this church.

Here’s an old onion article that still hits the mark: Pope Forgives Molested Children.

After all, under church doctrine, the act of seducing a priest is considered a grave sin against the laws of God, punishable by condemnation to Hell for all eternity. But the pope has put all of that aside. He has let bygones be bygones. For this, all of those misbehaving, sexy little guys should feel grateful. By showing such willingness to forgive and forget, the pope has sent a clear message: Even though these boys have done much to undermine and subvert the priestly vows of celibacy, they are still deserving of God’s love.

Let me know when the hierarchy decides what it’s gong to do.

I’m asking you, as you seem to know so much about the church hierarchy’s acceptance of blame, and yet are happy to hand wave this away as ‘just one church’.

I read it as clarification, not handwaving. The article linked to in the OP is specifically about the heinous actions of a Roman Catholic Church, not The Roman Catholic Church. Which is not to exonerate The RCC of anything they’re guilty of.

I know about the hierarchy’s acceptance of blame because I read newspapers and magazines and this fact has been mentioned in many news stories. I want to be precise about what the Roman Catholic Church has done and hasn’t done. It’s possible to think that an organization has done thoroughly despicable things and yet want to be precise about what it has and hasn’t done. Incidentally, I think this is more about power than about religious belief. There are also cases of movie studio executives sexually abusing their child actors. There are cases of big corporate executives sexually abusing lower-level employees. There are cases of high-level politicians sexually abusing their assistants. There are cases of professional athletes sexually abusing people.

So why can’t priests get in on the fun, amiright?

No, my point is anyone that sexually abuses people below them in power is evil. Anyone who allows people to sexually abuse people below them in power is also evil. For that matter, anyone who sexually abuses other people regardless of whether they are above or below them in power is evil, as is anyone who allow that to happen.

I think I’ve got it:
The Roman Catholic Church does good.
“Totally independent” Roman Catholic Churches do bad.