Holy Jesus! The routines people put down these days-- Legs!

Human Legs Found In Garbage.

Well, I got a case, anyway.


Well, what do you DO with the legs after you chop them off? ‘Just throw them in the dumpster,’ I thought, ‘no one will know…’ So I rolled my ass out there in my desk chair (no more walking for me, remember) and tossed 'em in!

What’s the problem?

I caught the Burroughs reference.
Just letting you know…

However, a giant frog was spotted hopping away from the scene.

A few years ago, I was having lunch at a local A & W. That night, it was reported that a headless female corpse was found in the dumpster outside. It had probably been there all day.


The head was later found in Toledo (about 60 miles away). Her husband had rented a car and put about 120 miles on it.

That’s a long way to go for a little head.

“Decaffinated!” I said “decaffinated!”

See, lieu, that’s what you get for misspelling decaffeinated :stuck_out_tongue:

Well its not like you could donate them to The Salvation Army…

We all know what the people who found them said…

Is that a leg?!

“Something’s different… did you color your hair?”

A friend of a friend of mine was born with four legs. That’s right: two pairs of feet, 20 toes.

He could run damn fast if he wanted to.

Didn’t he say something about wanting to blend in the crowd?