Pedestrian hit by car... where is his leg?

A man in Mesa, AZ was hit by a car and seriously wounded, in fact so seriously that his leg was no longer attached to his body. They rushed him to the hospital, where he died, but the question remained, where was the rest of his leg?

5 days later, and after an extensive search they found the leg, on the ROOF of a building 160 feet away from the crash scene.

I once shod a man in Reno just to watch it fly.

How fast does the car have to be going to tear a person’s leg off and send it hurtling onto the roof of a building 160 feet away?

Holy crap!

I’m going to have to ask you to wait outside and think very, very seriously about what you’ve done here.

Your honour, rumours of this leg have been greatly exaggerated. It was in fact only the flimsy, lightweight, lower half of the leg, a leg of very little standing indeed. If my client had been speeding, surely the leg would not have been found in the near vicinity of the incident.

[/defence lawyer mode off]

Maybe an eagle picked it up and dropped it there.

Maybe the leg ran up there.

And lieu, you’ve been a very, very bad boy.
I approve.

'e could grip it by the shoelaces.

Morbid humor aside…the guy got hit that hard, and still survived long enough to reach the hospital?

Not necessarily. If he died en route, wouldn’t he have been pronounced at the hospital?

The incident brings a whole new meaning to having a leg up.

Quite possible. I was just going by the OP, which indicated that he died at the hospital, but the article doesn’t actually specify.

This sounds like a job for Mythbusters!

I nominate Tory.

Actually, police are calling it a Hit-and-Run.

What a lackluster effort by the authorities. Five days to find the leg? Next time this happens, I expect them to hop to it.

Depends upon the state. In Washington, 'medics can declare. many other states, they can’t. Arizona is ahead of the pack in many fire/rescue laws so they may allow it.

I was in Colombia many years ago. We were delayed on the way to the hotel because the “rescue” squad was picking up bodies from an accident 3 days before.
We’re catching up with the third world?



Wonder if the driver will hop to a flee.

Actually I don’t think it would be a hard math problem to guesstimate (simplified of course):

I’m going to wager a guess the speed of the vehicle was officially waytoofuckingfast MPH.

Well, they probably just figured the dingos ate it.

But seriously, I doubt many of them thought right off the bat to look on a ROOF.

Dear Cecil,

Why is that when you find a severed human leg on a roof, its always just one? Don’t people usually loose them in pairs?

Sincerely yours

Bi Pedal.