Holy Roller

The American version of the Pope-mobile (the little Fiat that he rode in when he visited America) is going on the auction block in Philly. Anybody bidding?

You could have your very own holy roller.

Got a link? What about the white Jeep Wrangler he rode in?

ETA: and why isn’t this thread about the Oakland Raiders? :smiley:

I saw a story about that earlier today. When I read that the “Papal Fiat” was going up for auction, I assumed that it was a joke story from The Onion or some such source. I was surprised on reading the article that it was a real thing. Maybe one of the major auto manufacturers could make a car called the “Infallibility” and have the Pope ride in that, too?


And here’s the link for your delectation.

Here’s a great car for the pope to endorse, the ‘eternal life’ Volvo.


Neither link works; need to add a “:” after “http”.
How about they use the proceeds to pay back the city, suburbs, state, & federal governments some of the millions it cost us for this religious experience.

Thanks. Here are the fixed links. The Fiat 500 is black.

When His Holiness decrees that his wheels in America shall be a humble economy-size Italian automobile, is that a Papal Fiat?