holy SHIT, Anthracite.........

Good lord, having just read the “Good Morning, Anthracite” thread in MPSIMS, I have to say this, and this is the right area to say it in.

You think I slandered you, then walked away laughing? How fucking DARE you make such an assumption? That shows a TOTAL lack of understanding of MY point of view, and my reasons for defending those people.

First of all, nobody really gives one fat rat’s ass if you are a lesbian or not, it’s completely co-incidental to your amazing and impressive knowledge of fossil fuels, and especially coal. Can’t touch that, it’s truly amazing.

You feigned shock that I went after you for slander in a thread, and then backed up that shock by making it sound as though you HAD thought I was somehow " an okay one". I don’t know how to break this to you Anth, but passing muster under your light doesn’t mean jack shit to me, and most of the other posters here. We speak as we wish, and defend our thoughts- even if we’re not cool in your eyes. Tough thought to ponder, I know. But there it is.

Your attack of me was no less vicious than what I said about you in the same thread. It was out of respect for the OTHER members, and the Moderators who have to deal with Firestorms, that I didn’t respond in any way to your attacks of me there.

You seem to have the corner on gay fury. I truly pity you. Of all of the gay people in my life- and whether you believe me or not, there’s quite a few- I’ve NEVER met anyone who delighted SO much in making damned sure the straights knew if they were “an okay one” or not in your eyes. You know what? Straight or gay- I am so damned glad I no longer pass muster.

And, before this becomes a terrific flame of me, let me add this. Showing respect to a person’s intellect is one thing - I’ve loads of respect for Anth’s passion for her work. That is beyond even questioning. It’s her judgemental contempt for those who don’t measure up to her furious gayness that horrifies me. That thread over in MPSIMS just makes it SO clear- you are either a gay woman, or " one of the okay ones" and straight. Gee… what do I do if she finds out I’m a Jew, too? <shudder> It’s SO racist. It’s not cool, it’s simply exclusionary in the extreme. So, flame away. I’ve no doubt but that there will be many people who attack me for this. I don’t relish it, but- I stand by my response to her furies. I’m sure there is a place for them on the Internet, and surely here in the Pit.


Link, please?

OK. WTF… here’s the thread. and I see no mention of Cartoon. I really want to know what the hell you’re spewing and why.

I can’t find it (though i may very well be blind)

Maybe it’s one of those psychic insults that only the insulted can hear? (sorta like dogs and those really high pitched whistles)

No shit.
That thread doesn’t contain a single post or a reference to you, Cartooniverse, and it only contains a vague/meaningless reference to anyone’s sexuality. In fact, all in all it’s a pretty harmless “hi/Merry-Christmas/tell-me-about-coal/Waltons/mundane-in-general” type of going-on.
We are lost here. How about throwing us a bone.
On the other hand maybe you should just adjust your dosage.

My guess is that Cartoon is one of the men that offered to “turn” Una to the straight side. :wink:

Well that was incredibly entertaining. :rolleyes: What a waste of time.

Kids, drugs are bad, m’kay?

OH!! i didn’t notice the reference to coal! Man, it all makes sence now!

Come on! don’t you get it?? Coal? Lesbians? jesus people think about it…

Ok, so i’m lost too, but at least i’m trying to makes sence out of it…

You sure that was the right link Oldie?

You think that’s bad? Well, in the thread Most Mundane and Pointless Dream You Have Had, she accused me of:
[li]driving slow in the fast lane, and blaming it on her[/li][li]making sworn statements before congress that coal is to blame for 99% of environmental degradation in New York City.[/li][li]continually pestering her for an answer to the -gry question.[/li][li]making PB&J sandwiches jelly-side first![/li][li]refusing to put my tray table in the upright and locked position.[/li][li]and lastly, that I snuck into her house, and, while not being the original consumer, took the tags off of her mattresses.[/li][/ul]

Humph… the nerve of her!

Hey, Rhythmdvl, you asked for it …

… jelly-side first!?!

You freak!

Interesting, how I’m being notified left right and center that there are replies to this O.P.- and yet when I open up the BBQ Pit, this thread doesn’t even appear. And, when I go to the links offered by the Web master in my notifies, only my O.P. shows. :frowning:

Flaming is one thing. Gagging is another.


Give me an L
Give me an O
Give me an S
Give me an E
Give me an R

What’s that spell?
get over yourself… freak

You rotten slimeball! If you even so much as THOUGHT about taking those tags off… so help me god you’ll burn for this!! those tag are there for a reason!!!

You don’t think the government would make something so silly as that a law if it wasn’t a damn good idea, now, do you??? You’ll get the chair for this!

Cartooniverse, seriously, there are many reputable twelve-step organizations out there, ready to help.

It was in G.Q., and at least a week back. I will attempt to find and insert the link here, of course. Sorry I didn’t do so earlier- that was the thread with the attack. I don’t know if it was locked or not. http://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/showthread.php?threadid=56595

There you go, I hope it parses correctly. If not, it was titled “Nuclear Power… I loves me some”.

And, being angry doesn’t equal medication- but then only an overmedicated mind would think it does. :smiley:


Move over Mercutio someone has taken your place as the biggest dumbfuck on the SDMB.

If caffeine = medication, you got no arguement from me.

After an entire pot of hazelnut creme coffee I can’t even feel the tips of fingers.

Damn scratchie, you got some nice legs! Cute skirt. :wink:

Try the link again, that one just loops back here

Oh. I get it… it had nothing to do with the MPSIMS thread, reading the Good Morning Anthracite thread just somehow pushed him over the edge. Um, ok…

And should somebody point out to Cartoon that his link links back here? Naah. Let’s just point and laugh.