holy SHIT, Anthracite.........

Never let it be said that I’m not helpful.

Actual GQ Link.

A’m a startin t’go all dizzy dude, whas happnin’ maaaaaann.


Here’s the proper link.

Jack: You’re not helpful.


OK here’s the actual link… http://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/showthread.php?threadid=55354

now you can all see what a terrible person Una is. :rolleyes:

Personally I’m not to inclined to respond to someone who spews rubbish, can’t even remember the thread where he was “slandered”, and then can’t figure out how links work.

Jack you’re so helpful!

OK! Can we get 15 more people to post the link here?

Ok, speaking as an attorney i think there’s a good case for slander here.

Corse, i’m not an attorney, but i can speak like one.

Now that I’ve read the actual link, I still think Cartooniverse has gone slightly off the deep end. In the spirit of diplomacy, I see what set you off, but Anthracite merely clarified her position on a reponse of yours. What’s the problem? You don’t like the way she said it? You weren’t exactly tactful in your initial point anyway. Get over it.

Rasa and Upham, you can fight it out between the two of you over whether or not I am actually helpful. I refuse to get in the middle of it. Besides, this caffine OD I’m working on is rendering me just about useless anyway.

Remember usefullinality does not necessarily equal nonhelpfullatudeiness, or something like that.

After reading the GQ thread I just have one thing to say. Una, you bitch!!! How could you be so mean ? :rolleyes:

Hey Cartoon, could we see some real tears? Please?

Rasa this is stopping here and now. Jack’s helpful and i don’t want to hear another word about it. Granted you’re smarter then me, granted you can probably beat me up, i simply must stand for what i believe.

Credit where credit is due people, that’s all i’m saying

Yup. I just read the GQ thread too, and am firm in my belief that Cartoon has a gripe with Una because she turned him down.

Heehee. I can’t wait till she gets here!

I read Una’s post. Then re-read it. Then I read it again. I could detect no gay-furyToon you’re a freak, and you’re reading into things that aren’t there.


As for the poster right above you, incredibly I can’t load MPSIMS properly- and as you’ve all pointed out with great glee, I might not land the right hyperlink here. That’s okay, I can live with the fact that I, and some other members, can’t insert links properly here. One tries.

The fury I referred to was a thread in MPSIMS. I did mention this in my O.P. here, but it seems that Oldscratch has chosen to simply take sides, and not read the two threads I do address in my posting. My flaw was not being able to technically insert the proper hyperlinks. Apologies. It’s no flaw to find someone’s hatred and attacks unpleasant.

I dont’ care one way or the other when she shows up. Free speech and all. But, I will tell you this- I will figure out how to consistently insert properly built links.


p.s. Don’t even go DOWN the road that this is gay-bashing. Save your energies. I’ve far too deep a connection in the real, non-hateful gay community in my area to listen to that drivel. This is distaste towards one person’s attacks, period.

No… I’m just pointing out what a dumbfuck you are.

First, you mention a thread (with no link), that doesn’t even mention you. Then, you link to this thread. Then, you link to another thread where you are mentioned and Una makes perfectly reasonable arguments against your dumbfuckery. How are we supposed to know that they’re related? Psychic? I’m not.
You sir, are an idiot, and couldn’t form a coherent thought if your vast stash of TheraFlu depended on it.
Words spew from your mouth like so many strands of rotting seaweed. They float about in the ocean, looking large and menacing, but when you look colosely, you see that all they really are is rotting vegetation. Much like your brain.
and I think that Rasa is actually addressing the precieved comments against you… so I’ll shut up now.

Yeah… it is incredible… So incredible in fact that I’m calling you a liar. You posted to MPSIMS today. How were you able to do so if it’s not loading?


For the record, the Gay Fury™ evniced by Anthracite in the Good Morning, Anthracite thread consisted of the following:

Whoa, Una! What blistering fury! I am but a wilted flower in the path of your fire. Or something.

A few points for you, Cartoon:

  1. That thread had nothing to do with you. Paranoid much?
  2. Hi, Opal!
  3. Over 600 posts and you haven’t figured out that if you click the little FAQ button up at the top of the screen, it gives very easy to follow instructions on how to create a hyperlink? This board is about fighting ignorance, you might help by educating yourself a bit.

Thank the gods. I thought I was just dense when I didn’t get it. I’m in good company apparently.

Care to really explain the problem, Cartoon?

Though I’m perfectly willing to wait for Aunt Una to get here.

I wasn’t intending to, i just think you’re being a twit

oldscratch wrote:

Man, that’s just good.