Anthracite, a moment please

I just came from soda’s I am the other woman thread, and wanted to tell you how sorry I am that some brainless , spineless cowardly idiot sent you an email like you quote in your sig in that thread.

I wanted to do it pubicly in hopes of shaming that slime into at least claiming their own sick words. Just a thought here, if you are man or woman enough to say it, then be brave enough to own it. So spineless idiot who sent that email, just know you don’t speak for all or even most people here only yourself. And since you don’t have the guts to sign your name to it, your opinion doesn’t count.

I didn’t put this in the pit because I don’t think it needed to be there. If Euty and/or UncleBeer think it does then it won’t bother me a bit if they move it.

That is sick and spineless. :frowning:

Una, we love ya babe!


It’s funny how someone can be so mean and heartless to another human being and yet be so much of a coward to owning up to that hatefulness that they don’t even tell the person whose sending it.

::sigh:: People are weird.

Unless this person did identify him/herself in the email, and Anthracite, being a woman of class and distinction, didn’t name names.

Either way, sending private attack emails over something that happened in a public forum is a pretty underhanded way to conduct one’s self. 'Course, this person probably knew that if he or she started a Pit thread attempting to sling that sort of baseless pettiness at Anthracite, they’d get their shorts flamed off right quick.

I doubt this person has the integrity to step forward and own his or her words.

Nice guy. I’m sorry someone has chosen to E-mail that to you Anth. Apparently they are from chat as well which is a real let-down. You’re always welcome in chat, and unquestionably welcome on the board! :slight_smile:

(Rest assured it’s not me, I kin spel youre :D)


I can’t believe I forgot to link this. Please don’t hurt me people.

If this was in the pit, I could express myself towards the anonymous e-mailer appropriately. I would certianly enjoy an e-mail from it (the e-mailer) personally, so I could deal with it directly.
Anthracite/Una, I certainly like you here and in chat, and I hope that you won’t let this lower life form upset you.

Anthracite, that’s a disgusting email. Also subliterate. I am sorry you were sent that. Fortunately it shouldn’t be too hard to figure who it was as subliteracy of that order is fortunately rare.


I’m sorry to hear that there are people out here
doing this kind of things.

Take care

Well, if it is any conciliation, that person’s poor grammar and spelling are almost as telling as the words when one tries to picture what kind of person they are.

You know that saying: “Coming from you, that is a compliment.” I think we could apply that here.

Which would you rather be? Complimented or attacked by a stupid asshole? I say attacked, because then I know I’m nothing like that piece of scum. It’s when I start getting complimented that I begin to wonder if I’m acting like them…

Take care-


Anthracite, I’m sure that some illiterate coprophage isn’t going to scare you off this board. Please treat the ravings of a brain-atrophied bigot for what they are. You know you’re the only pulverized-coal gal I could ever love.

Ayesha, and the rest of you guys - thanks for the support, one and all! I wasn’t looking for any (and you know I’m good at whining for it :wink: ), but it is appreciated nonetheless.

I have received about a dozen or so e-mails of this same vein, but I put this one in my .sig because it sounded like it was done by an 8 year old. Only one e-mail has really upset me, because the grammar and sentence structure in it implies a malign intelligence behind the words. The one in my .sig is just kinda sad and funny, so I put it in to amuse myself and others. It didn’t really upset me at all. I’ve given this anonymous k3wl doooD3 the name of “Sparky”, for lack of a real one to know him/her by.

That having been said, look for a Pit thread (my first) to be started about this in the next day or so. I’m still working on my righteous indignation some… :slight_smile:

Oh, and here’s that .sig again:

I missed that sig in the thread originally, so went back to look for it.

I hope you won’t leave it as a sig. I wouldn’t give the idiot the satisfaction.

I haven’t been here long enough to remember always who everyone is, but I think your posts in the “other woman” thread were lucid and honest. I hope you are getting postitive e-mails also (I’ve heard it takes 5 positive emotional events to negate a negative one).

Best wishes to you. :slight_smile:

Sorry, but help me out here Una…which bit’s the true part? Certainly not the “Nobody here likes you anyways.” bit! (Just re-read this, and it makes it look like I think the first bit is true…ARGH! Ignore them & invite us to your pit party whenever you’re ready - I’ll bring the barbecue sauce.)

I can’t understand why people do this. I do an open university course & they have their own server network with newsgroups on and every year some of those fine people who are studying there to improve their minds, widen their horizons, better themselves for whatever reason, feel the need to start flaming people and being bitchy and start sending nasty mails (fortunately not anonymous) to their targets until whole threads get locked and no one else can get a word in edgeways until they get banned from that particular group, - they then start again elsewhere, and it takes weeks for the who was right & who was wrong threads to die down. For a cynic I must be pretty naive, as I thought that people studying like that or on a board to battle ignorance would be better than that…
sorry, that was my rant, but it still applies here.

Oh. Maybe that’s why people thought I was so upset. I meant the e-mail was true, not the comments in it. Believe me, I’m an expert at self-denigration, and when I do it you’ll know. :wink:

absolute bummer. and you say you’ve gotten several of these things??? geez. that kind of cowardly pit bull mentality - blech.
won’t say scares me, because that gives the little twip too much legitimacy.

won’t say bothers me, ditto.

won’t say saddens me, ditto.

just - blech.

I feel for you, hope you know there’s more folks out here supporting you (and at the very least, your right to your opinion) and gads, the thread that appeared to be commenting on was one where some one ** asked ** for people’s opinions. geez. would love to help you on the pit thread , but my brain’s stopped at “blech”, and that just doesn’t seem pit worthy IMHO…

I’d be five cents richer.
Anthracite- I’m sorry that some brain-twisted idiot felt the need to insult you and try to drive you away. The problem with being a site dedicated to removing ignorance is that the ignorant still try to fight back.

Just remember- mockery is the best form of revenge. That and flames in the Pit.

Just when you think we are making headway in the great fight against ignorance, someone proves we have a long way to go. sigh

I’m sure you won’t let it worry you, so I can’t tell you not to let it worry you. :slight_smile:

but don’t worry, okay?

Yeah, let’s go to the Pit. This puddle of bile is in need of a warmer climate.

Anthracite, I know that other people’s opinions of you are not so important in your world, but I just wanted to say that I think you’re FABULOUS.

So, are you really fat? I imagined you as a wiry coal-miner type.

p.s. I like you.