Apparently my views have made less than a friend

I am bumming cuz I didn’t keep my AOL account as my main email address on this message board. Oh and the reason I am bumming is because I received this email:

— lue <> wrote:
> You are a fool. And defending Satan was just the
> most recent example. All
> your pouting threads mad me gag.
> ______________________________________________
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So, this means that someone on the boards is against my “friendship” with Satan or whatever, that I have said and done things in the past, YIPEEEEEEEE, please kiss my feet for I feel I deserve that much.

Jenny, Lynn and Ed, if I had headers to this email I would have rather sent this to you direct since it is a “harassing” email and such but I can’t even pin point the offending person…I have no headers…Also, if the offender has such the address on the SDMB, he/she will be recognized immediately.

Please know, annonymous person that I am just a mad er I mad you, er I made you??? Ummmmm, wait, you confused me…gosh, your email made me oh so sad…how can I ever work with you to make it better? Shall I kiss your feet? Could I possibly shine your shoes? How about a spit shine?

Sorry Mods, Admins, you needed to see this but I don’t have any damn headers with Yahoo…it will not do you any good…the Yahoo account has been banned.

It could be worse, Tech’ems m’dear. You could have gotten E-mailed by someone who wasn’t a coward.

DOH, weren’t we talking about cowards earlier on another message board???

BTW, for who ever wrote that to me…I am a big SDMB tattle tale. Ask most any of the mods. I will figure out who you are and notify the mods on the SDMB and will notify the fellow Fathom mods. I am, a big frickin tattle tale and I don’t feel any shame in that, none at all. Don’t do it, not worth your time as a member on this board or the temporary member on Fathom. I am not amused.

Just let the matter drop, Techy. There’s always going to be one or two people who, for some reason, do stupid things.

Since this isn’t in the Pit, I’m not going to express what I REALLY want to say.

No offense intended, tech, but aren’t you overreacting just a tad?

I mean, it sounds like you want this person hunted down and… well… I’m not sure what you want done.

What do you want done?

It’s not like this was a threat or anything. Someone e-mailed you an opinion and you don’t agree with it- delete it and move on.

I mean, I don’t see the outrage here.

Secondly, since you propose taking things to e-mail to dispute disagreements on this board, rather than air them out in the open, how is this person going against what you yourself have so steadfastly proposed in the past?

Sorry, I don’t get it. Why not keep this in e-mail?

So, two things I don’t get:

-Why the outrage?
-Why not keep it in e-mail?

Because said person decided to hide who he or she was. Why should I stand by and let him or her be an ass without proof as to who it is? Why not let the masses know that because I happen to like Satan and that I happen to see things differently yet someone chooses to use his or her annonymous email to attempt to give me a hard time?

If he or she had had the balls, er pardon me, the ability to identify his/herself I would have been more than happy to leave it in email.

The moment that someone can’t be strong enough to confront me or anyone else on this board I invite us to compare notes and see if we have received similar emails. But it is apparent something is not right here, if someone else recieves a similar annonymous email, someone that can’t reveal who they are, then I will take it upon myself to attempt to rid this person of their good member status.

Hey, if someone emails me annonymously and I have no means to trace the thing I will post it, know it, get used to it Chris, this is part of how I work. If the emailee is offended, I could care less, he or she decided that it was not important enough to tell me who they are. If they want it kept secret, I will always honor that provided they tell who the hell they are.

If that doesn’t make sense, please by all means ask me more.

Date: Sat, 10 Mar 2001 03:20:45 -0500 (EST)
From: lue <> | Block Address | Add to Address Book
Subject: re: sniff sniff

You are a fool. And defending Satan was just the most recent example.
your pouting threads mad me gag.

UMMMMMMMM, Ps and Q’s could this be you???

I meant “keep it in E-mail” in terms of e-mailing the mods, not the letter writer.

I think that’s especially appropriate given the line, "I will take it upon myself to attempt to rid this person of their good member status."

Haven’t you told other poster around here that this is best kept in e-mail?

And now I see an accusation?

I’m not getting any of this. This kind of same kind of thing you’ve criticized other posters of doing around here.

What about this is getting you so angry that you’re even throwing your own proposals out the window?


If you’d like to discuss this, as a member and as one that I KNOW on the SDMB, then freaking email me. You can see it, you can use it.

HOWEVER, if a member decides to hide behind screens and mirrors then we have a problem…so why Chris, do you have such a problem with what I have to say?

I freaking told you, if the person that emailed me wanted to reveal him or herself and discuss this in email then I am cool with that. But he/she went annonymously…sorry, that is enough for me to say screw this.

Why are you latching onto this? Honestly Chris, what’s the hurry for you? The member decided not to reveal him/herself, you need to get over it, not me. I want the members at large to be aware of this person.

Sheesh, you better becareful for we might think it’s you that is so adament about this…

And here I was about to go sleep and saw your response.

So I am the Great Furdini and I forsee this thread hitting the Pit:

Excuse me, what the hell are you talking about with regards to this thread…

Geez I must be more blind than I knew!!!

I am more than amused by the responses than you know…I am actually giggling and with that I am about to go snag a beer.

Chris, I really need to know what the hell you are talking about.

[puts on asbestos underwear]

Eh, Techie, can’t you see you’re just feeding something here? (Not you, Chris, someTHING else…) :rolleyes:

Chill, sweetie, ask Tuba to lock this, and get on with Life, 'kay? :wink:

Love ya. :slight_smile:

[thinks about removing asbestos underwear, decides to leave it on for a while]


Slamming head on desk…

I explained to you…GOOD GOD CHRIS, some dork sent me email annonymously. Do you need an interpretor? Do you need someone to spell it out for you. If said annonymous person were upfront with me I would be more than willing to take it strictly to email.

OK, do you understand now or do I need to hire someone to explain this to you further, sign lagnuage maybe? I can and I will if you need it because apparently you aren’t grasping the idea that some ass sent me email I disagree with, he/she remains incognito, so why shouldn’t I bring this to the public at large to see if others have received similar emails? I must stress the person remains in hiding and not willing to reveal him/herself…I find this cowardess and rude and with your objections you are are now No. 1 on my list of those people who sent me this email. You held such strong objections, I can’t help but look at you and your frustration. Sorry, but those that object too strongly tend to be the guilty.

So, if you know who it is, or you know that it’s not you then lighten up on what you are saying until the same thing happens to you. I am pissed, more than pissed at this point. I didn’t do shit to you but made a point of wanting to know who the low life is that sent me that email…

Sometimes this place is a chore to come to on regular days but when it comes to people like you it’s even more difficult.

Tech, I simply asked a question. It’s not a big deal and not something warranting this thread moving to the pit, in my opinion.

I mean, where, if it might ask, am I being ‘pitty’ in my previous posts?

Just two questions:

  1. What about that note is so offensive that you feel the need to “rid this person of their good member status”? If, in fact, the writer is a even a current member of this board, what’s so bad about it? Is it because they wish to remain anonymous?

If that’s the case, and leading to question number two, why are you making such a case out of it in the open as opposed to e-mailing a mod about it? Especially since you propose people take personal issues like this to e-mail?

That’s all. No need to get mad at me. I’m just wondering here.

  • Just noticed DDG’s post upon previewing-

Uh, yeah. Not a big deal. Didn’t mean to set anything off or get anyone going. Just wondering why it’s problem.

  • Just noticed Tech’s reply -

Sheesh tech. It was just a couple of questions. I’m not trying to set anyone off here or get you going.

Forget I asked.

My God, I just read your post fully. Your now accusing me of sending that note?

Wow. I regret I ever opened this thread. This is truly bizarre.I was simply wondering why you were getting so worked up about this.

And I might add that it is you, tech, that is throwing the insults around, not me.

The person getting pissed right now is me, at your completely unwarranted and uncalled for accusations.

I am at a loss for words.

Why I am responding again I have NO IDEA:

I feel this has gone pit like despite the lack of Pit terms…but it’s still Pit like to me. So don’t worry, get your panties out of a wad, it’s my opinion not your words, so in that light (to be a total snot, not intentionally but it hit me) stop thinking about yourself.

Because cowardness precludes bad things. If he/she can’t reveal her/himself to me then why the fuck even contact me? That’s just bullshit as far as I am concerned, come on, if he/she did this to another member and other members found out about it, they’d be toast without the bread. It’s a chicken shit way out of things.

I freaking told you, this person seems to want to remain incognito and I don’t have the tags needed to nail the SB and he/she doesn’t want to fess up. Should I poke out my eyeballs now? I said this before, I will expose the person as best I can on line. And trust me, the next time the mo/fo emails me it will be different. I have a way with knowing where people come from and where they are posting from.

Then why are YOU getting your underwear in a wad over this Chris, honestly. You got the sheets wet, the cows crossing their legs, I didn’t engage you at all, so??? What gives, why do you give a shit about this? You seem a little too conveniently pre occupied with this this thread. Need I say more?

I’m outta this.

I can’t post fast enough to keep up with the newer posts coming in and screwing up the intent of my ‘at-the-time’ posts.

I simple cannot post that fast.

Needless to say, I am truly offended by your continued accusations and needless vitriol towards me in what, at the time, were simple questions on my part.

I find your behavior in this thread beyond contempt.

:: checking undies for bunching – nope ::

Techchick: I think that this thread illustrates a good reason for you to have taken this to e-mail originally.

I realize how invasive and irritating anonymous e-mails can be. However, like obscene phone calls, they are made just to get a reaction out of the recipient.

If you had not publicly reacted, you would have deprived the sender of his or her reward of seeing you get pissed off. Likely, the sender would not have sent the second e-mail if he or she did not even know whether you had gotten the first.

The admins would have been able to take care of this just as easily if you e-mailed them, and you wouldn’t have had the possibility of the crosstalk from other posters irritating you further.

For an analagous situation, you can examine the response of Andygirl and her family to some harrassing phone calls: " We all agreed that it wasn’t worth it. . . . They were sloppy drunk and stupid. Some things you just have to let go." Just let the anonymous ramblings of drunken fools roll off your back.

:: checking undies again – no bunching ::

Billdo said:

With who? The masked poster who disagreed with my opinions on Satan, aka Brian? The one that said I was pouting and oh hold on a sec here, I am a fool? The one I have NO FREAKING IDEA who he or she is??? Oh come on Billdo wouldn’t you at least attempt trying to pull the person out of their shell???

Sorry Billdo, I got the annonymous email, me not you, I am pretty sure stemmed from the SDMB…THAT’S ALL I am trying to get to the bottom of.

I could give a shit who it’s from if only the lonely poster would let me know. I don’t want to accuse anyone that is not really involved, I really don’t. But where’s the coward that isn’t fessing up to this? For that I have to look down my nose upon. Hell for all I know the guy/girl is laughing down his/her nose for my reaction.

If you think this is about you leave it alone and then it’s not about you duh, lighten up then I can focus on who it really is about. Sorry, lived in the mountains too long to make an issue out of semantics. Or wait I have lived in the city too, so well, screw this.

This thread is about the OP I made, not about some bullshit that some other wanna bring up. LOOOOOOOOOOOOK, the person who emailed me was looking for a rise, he/she got it. Now it’s time for him/her to fess up to who he/she is?

BUT NO, it’s all about techchick and some fucked up thinking you people have. WRONG, it’s about the person that emailed me and didn’t have the balls to show his or her face. If you have a problem with that then I suggest you bow out of this thread because that’s exactly what this thread is about, the person that emailed me. Someone that has little resolve to be a straight up person, so sad.

Off to the Pit will ya?

Well you did and I’ve now taken offense to that.

I will not be accused of something I did not do.

If you have anything that even remotely connects me to that e-mail, either show it now, or retract that comment.