Holy Shit

Go read my blog. I’m serious. Not trying to get hundreds of hits, just go read my fucking blog, okay kids?


Keep your head together, man. It’s just a day- tomorrow may be very different.

I’m scared. I didn’t realize what I’ve been doing all day and recently,trying to stay awake and be with y’all

I’ve only slept a few hours and hads bad dreams so I stayed awake. Not drinking alcohol, I promise. Just diet cokes and mountain dews

I hope you’re okay Quasi. I don’t know much about your condition but can you do something to relax a bit? (If you’re like me, Diet Coke only makes me more agitated and wired)

I know! You mentioned once to me your a musician too? Check this clip out:

We’re here with you :slight_smile:

listen to me… somebody get to springs1 RIGHT AWAY> I THINK SHE IS IN A THYROID STORM HURRUY

Perhaps you should look into Ritalin.

Quasi, I also posted about this in the Pit thread. Someone has offered to post to her. You’ve done what you can do on this. Please try to relax.

What?! Are you serious?!

I’ve not been around a while but are you always this jerky Rigamarole?

Don’t give up, Quasi! I’ve heard there are about a hundred compounds in Phase III testing, and I’ve heard that there have been encouraging results with a drug called Rember.


For you and others who may not be aware, Quasimodem has Alzheimer’s. Please be kind.


Lack of sleep isn’t going to help your mental state, Quasi. Try to get some rest. Next week, call your doctor and tell them about the bad dreams; there may be medication that you can try. And see if putting notes up around the house that remind you that they are just bad dreams helps when you wake up. My BIL has Lewy Body Disorder and often he believes that whatever he dreams is true.

I’m thinking of you.

Okay so Rigamarole isn’t usually jerky?

Quasi and I have been chatting a bit and I’m sorry I took that to be a cheap shot and it upset me that someone would say something like that to him since it is pretty well known our friend Quasi has health issues.

I’m sorry if I was out of line. I’ve slowed down in my posting and am trying to get more involved again.

Colibri may have through you were addressing Quasimodem rather than Rigamarole.

Either way, I’m locking this thread.

Just for the record, Marley23 is correct. Last night Quasi was posting rapidly in multiple threads, and I was trying to deal with some of the issues that came up simultaneously. In the flurry, I didn’t realize that Kricket was referring to Rigamarole rather than Quasi. My apologies for the misinterpretation. Even so, calling another poster “jerky” was inappropriate in this thread.