Holy Trinity options -- Not jambalaya

Saturday I made jambalaya. (Oddly, there’s no jam in it.)

So I have a bag of Creole seasoning. (I made extra.) I have celery, a bell pepper, and an onion left. I have two Cajun andouille sausages and chicken thighs (or breasts – I’ve forgotten). I really don’t want to toss the celery or bell pepper, so I need to make something with the Holy Trinity. But we still have jambalaya left. (Not for long, matey!) Roomie doesn’t want me to make it again so soon. What can I make to use up the veg that is not jambalaya? Since gumbo and étouffée are sort-of similar, we can probably rule those out as well.

Shoot. I was going to say gumbo or etouffee. Are you saying they’re too similar to jambalaya? I think they’re substantially different. Gumbo and etouffee both start with a roux, an important flavor element missing from jambalaya. It’s also quite a bit soupier.

You can always do something like Chicken creole.

When in doubt, grill. You can chunk up the peppers and onion, put them on skewers and lightly brush them with oil. Top the grilled andouille with the grilled veggies, maybe add a little mustard (or not, as you choose) and chow like there’s no tomorrow.

Lacking a grill, they can be roasted in an oven or toaster oven.

How about a play on Juevos Rancheros?

Dice the veggies and sausage, and saute until the sausage is warmed through and the veggies are translucent… while they are cooking, whisk 8 eggs in a bowl. Add a pinch of your creole seasoning to your eggs if you want. Dump the eggs in the pan with the veg and sausage. At this point, you can cook it like scrambled eggs, or a fritata. Serve with warm tortillas and salsa.

Pasta Primavera would work with those vegetables.
You could do a pretty good curry if you didn’t use the sausage.
A tagine type dish with couscous would work too if you can get your hands on some harissa and preserved lemons.

Would the andouille be good on a bun? You could have it that way and have the other stuff in other dishes.

sausage with onion and peppers in a tomato sauce. peanut butter on the celery sticks.

Oh, if we’re not constrained by only those ingredients and that Creole style, then, yeah, llcoolbj’s fritata suggestion is perfect.

We’re not constrained by those ingredients.

The main point is that I want to use up the celery and the bell pepper.

Tacos are another option. Chicken + smoked sausage make for an excellent taco filling. Just do your holy trinity thing and make your own sauce to go with it. What I might do is just go creole with my seasonings, and serve it in a tortilla. Fry up the holy trinity with some andouille, add a small amount of medium to dark roux (if you feel like making roux), along with a splash of broth and tomato product (if you want). Add creole seasoning to taste. Toss in some chicken pieces you browned separately. Cook through. Taste for seasoning. Serve on tortillas, along with some fresh veggies as toppings. There’s really nothing you can’t make a decent taco out of.

ETA: Or, stir fry of one variety or another would be another obvious choice. Also, chicken sloppy joes.

If you have a quality andouille sausage, it truly deserves to remain in cajun/creole land.

I’ll agree with the chicken creole mention earlier. Could also explore some chicken & sausage etouffee.

IMHO, it would truly be a waste of quality andouille to simply put it on a bun.

Chopped and sauteed, add a jar of Newman’s own spaghetti sauce and simmer for about a half hour.

That would be good, Chefguy, but we’re still working on the lasagna she made Monday night.

(FWIW, I usually only remember to get spaghetti sauce when I’m at Trader Joe’s.)

Dirty Rice.

(off the top of my head)
1 # sweet italian sausage (I don’t think andouille woudl be so good here)
2-3 eggplant, diced
4 c cooked rice
chicken broth
poultry seasoning

brown sausage, drain
sautee trinity and eggplant until soft
combine sausage, rice, vegetables in large pot or dutch oven.
season to taste
add broth and mix until moist.
Serve warm.

You can eat it right away, but it’s better the next day or even two and three days later. I make a big batch the day before Thanksgiving dinner, and I save some to enjoy over the weekend with the rest of the leftovers.

Not very familiar with jambalaya?

Ah. Okay, then cut up a potato, coarsely chop the veggies, and use some of that leftover sausage to make a fry-up. Top with an over easy egg.

Can’t be dirty rice without internal organs! :stuck_out_tongue:

Chefguy: Yep, sounds like the breakfast fry-up I make. The bell pepper would make it sort of potatoes O’Brien-y. Would the celery work in that?

Are you? While I appreciate the condescension, they’re two different dishes. I wasn’t aware that all rice based dishes were off limits. I beg your pardon.


Go with the gumbo, it’s the soup of gods!