Home Alone For Three Nights!

I need to come up with something fun, strange, and slightly rebellious to do while my family is on vacation without me this weekend. Trouble is, my mother says that I must be home by 9:00pm every night! Yes, I argued. No, it didn’t work. I figure I’ll wait until she calls to see that I’m home, then leave the house at around midnight. But to do what? I don’t have a boyfriend, so I can’t just have a three day sex-fest. Drinking doesn’t appeal to me, so I am not going to throw a keg party. I need some high quality suggestions! I have never had the house to myself even for one night, so I want to make this an occasion to remember. If it helps any, I’m a seventeen-year-old female in the Twin Cities area. I’ll keep you all updated about what I do decide to do, if you care.

You know, with just a little bit of re-wording and a bi-curious friend, this has the makings of a pretty decent Penthouse Forum letter.

That’s what I was going for, actually. I guess my wording just sucks. Seriously, though - what should I do?

well, if you were a 17 year old guy, with internet access, I’d expect a 3 day orgy of one, using up a lot of tissues and lotion. Is that type of behavior out of the question?

But enough about your plans for the weekend, Quadgop


Not out of the question, exactly, but I would imagine that I might get a bit chafed, and that would not be pleasant. Plus, internet porn? Ewww…


This has potential…

{leaves to check airline ticket prices to the Twin Cities}

Get a boyfriend and then have a three-day sex fest.


Well, if you can get a ride down to Albert Lea, I humbly volunteer for that 3-day sexfest. :smiley:

Oh, to be 17 again…
Thinking about sex every 15 seconds, constant self-abuse, awkwardness, zits…
Never mind, I’m happier as an old fart.

Good luck, Chum. I’d really recommend a good book. “The Gulag Archipeligo”, “War and Peace”, “The story of O”, etc.

Who needs a boyfriend?

How you doin?

About ten years ago (sheesh, ten freaking years ago already!) my dad and step-mom took the three younger siblings on a six-day vacation, leaving me, the 17 year-old binge drinking apprentice, in charge of the house. To their credit, they conceded that drinking, girls, etc. was inevitable; they just asked that we not burn the house down. To my credit, outside of an unfortunate incident where I tried lighting the grill for the first time and ended up catching the porch on fire, the house was largely intact when they returned.

The most fun of all those nights, including two huge booze parties? The night five friends and I rented cheesy movies (Caddyshack, Smokey and the Bandit, Debbie Does…Everyone)
and hung out.

Have some friends over, rent some movies. If an orgy busts out, IM me, please.

Well, I probably shouldn’t have included the “three day sex–fest” line, seeing as how I haven’t gotten many earnest responses.

Tyklfe, stay away…

ladyfoxfyre, I’ve actually been seriously considering that option. However, I have no idea how to go about such a thing, and I have very high standards. We’ll see.

BlackKnight, they will be leaving me a car, but…

Qadgop the Mercotan, I probably will do a good amount of reading, actually. I just started Sister Carrie, and I’m loving it.

frobozz, I’m doin’ just fine. :wink:

Survey1215, I was thinking of possibly having a Tarantino or Kevin Smith fest. I highly doubt that an orgy would break out among my friends, but I’ll write down your screen name just in case.

Oh - my parents are a bit short on cash and may just be away for two nights! This sucks some serious ass, and now I might have to pack three nights of fun into two! Can it be done?

Rearrange all the furniture in the house. Heck paint rooms if you want. Put down new floor tile in the kitchen that is only a little different from what is there now and see if they notice.

:eek:Ouch :smiley:

Chum, I :Giggle: at that last comment you made to Tyklfe. Good one.

Now, as for when my parents are out of town, I usually invite some friends over to the house. For one thing, my mom is afraid for me to stay alone(even though I am 20) and she would just feel better. Another thing is we have the best time together. We decide what we want to do when they arrive. After we do whatever, they usually stay the night and we make breakfast in the morning. It is pretty fun. Yeah, I am a dork to suggest a sleep-over type thing, but yeah. Um, I should go get ready for something like this for this weekend.

Steal a monster truck, rob a bank, and eat that microwave burrito that your parents would never let you try!

Live a little!