Home astronomy website?

I have heard of a site like nightsky.com or earthsky.com or something like that, that lets you know what is going on in your night sky.

I hear Mars is very close and I want to know which direction I should look. I would also like to stay informed as to other astronomy events happening…
any help?


I was looking at Sky and Telescope magazine’s site yesterday. They have a terrific listing of monthly events and a genuinely easy-to-use interactive sky map. If I was better at coding I’d put the link here. Google on their name, though, and it should come right up…

Sky & Telescope.

Don’t forget the Bad Astronomy web site run by our very own Bad Astronomer. There is also a message board there like this one where they discuss current astronomical events (among other things).

My personal favourite is
which allows you to increase the magnification to beyond naked-eye visibility.

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Crap beat me to it. Must have missed this thread the first time around. Another decent site is www.heavens-above.com