Home-Based Travel Agent? Whats that all about?

Okay, so I look like I’m new here, but that is deceiving! I use to post here a while ago but my userid was deleted somehow and my husband has been here for about 3 years.

Here’s my problem/question:

I have worked in a Hotel for 2 years and currently work at a national reservation center for a hotel chain.

I have heard that you can get set up with a travel agency to work from home as a Travel Agent. I’ve done some searching online but can’t seem to find the information on this that I crave. I would love to be able to stay home with my children and make money!!

Is anyone here a Travel Agent? How does this system work? Which companies are legit and which are scams? I heard that some of the places will transfer their calls to your house (this would be the way I would have to go because I’m not the type to do outbound calls looking for clients) - how does that work?

If anyone here has any helpful information about this kind of job it would be most appreciated!!

Also, I don’t know if I should try and go to Travel Agent school. I’ve heard some say it’s usefull, others say it’s a huge waste of time.

Thank you!!

This is a program that one of my wife’s friends uses:

She only does it part time. As far as I know they’re legit.

Professional Travel Agent chiming in…

Start to put resume’s out to the major travel companies such as BTI/WorldTravel, Carlson Wagonlit, American Express and look into becomimg a corporate travel agent based from your home, this way they assign all the work and set you up with all the nesessary equipment. But, the travel industry is really in the dumps these days and I would not reccomend anyone moving into it without alot of thought and research. Lots of our home-based people have been laid off or moved into the offices around the country because of cost-savings.