Travel agent wannabe, what should I do?

I found my dream job. Of course my dream job will pay horribly, but such are the hazards of life.

I would love to become a travel agent, preferring leisure, specializing in Orlando vacations, but from what I read, this is the ‘bottom of the barrel’ compared to those who schedule business trips, etc.

Despite all of that, I assume I need some kind of education to get a job doing this. Looking around at Google, I see lots of links, but they seem so shifty and fly-by-night, I’m reluctant to pursue interest in any of them.

Does anyone have any tips/recommendations on doing this, or even whether I should bother because it would mean living on a diet of ketchup and boxed mac & cheese?

If you want to become a travel agent, find a time machine and come back 30 years ago. This is one of those careers that the Internet is really minimizing the need for. So you would be competing against a lot of experienced people who have already lost their jobs as the market shrinks.

Travel and tourism in general may still be a good fit for you, though. These seem like fields where entry-level jobs requiring minimal skills are readily available. Colleges and community colleges have programs in hotel mgmt., travel & tourism mgmt., etc. Employers will often pay for employees’ education if it is relevant to their job, and promote them when they get the education. For a lot of people these are “just a jobs,” so the career-minded folks often stand out.

Good luck!