Home Depot - lazy stinking worthless a-holes

So far as I can tell, there’s nothing on their site about closing early on New Year’s Eve. I, too, went to a Home Depot this evening at 5:05, apparently 5 minutes after they had closed. It was a bit annoying, but I wouldn’t pit them over it.

It does suck that this is the night my faucet decided to start squirting water out of the handle constantly. I just hope they’re open New Years Day. (Again, nothing on their website.)

No, that’s when he caulks the wife.

At least yours was a real emergency.

Target doesn’t have their holiday hours listed on their website either, but when I called around 4:30 to see if they were open since we forgot a grocery item at Kroger earlier today, they listed their hours for today and tomorrow first thing on the welcome message - I wasn’t on the phone more than 5 seconds.

So that explains the fireworks coming from INSIDE his house.

were you at work today?

So, if I’m reading this right, there’s going to be one less overly entitled asshole with so little happening in his life that he can make a store’s closing hours into a personal insult at Home Depot from now on? Sweet. Less time waiting in line while he tries to get a discount on the product because the box has dust on it. Every little bit helps.

I am reasonably confident that losing him as a customer will not be a major factor in the death of the company. If he’s a regular customer, I’d not be surprised if the employees know who he is and would take great joy in finding out that he’s not coming back.

So you made the decision to do a big paint job Sunday at 4:45 on Saturday? Cuz otherwise you might have bought the paint earlier.

I bet they lose a ton of paying customers every day at 10:05 PM too. Every place I’ve ever worked (retail, restaurant, theater) has turned away people after closing time.

If you have a closing time that’s your business model, not your downfall.

I believe I have a new sigline in my email!!

They are closer to my home, usually have what I need, don’t charge more than the gas to get me to HD, and if business is slow I can pet their cat.

Don’t know if any of the above was true BECAUSE I DIDN’T GO THERE ON NEW YEARS EVE.

The tard is strong with this one…

Yeah, I dunno about you guys, but I have this handy thing called a phone and during holidays, I’ll give a store a call if I think they may not be open. It’s been working well for me in terms of saving me wasted trips. Websites aren’t always updated and if it’s a chain sometimes the individual stores are on a different schedule anyway.

What gets me when I worked retail is people showing up 5 minutes after closing, peering through the door into a dimly lit store, trying to violently shake the door open, while looking at me with this silly ass exasperated grin while I’ve closed the cash register, and I’m filling out a report. and they’re hollowering at me “I just need some fucking paint!!!”

I’ve been there 9 hours, and I just want to go home.

I was a bit overstressed yesterday. I was trying to squeeze too much into the day.

Getting blindsided by a store closing at 5pm instead of their normal 10pm closing didn’t help. You don’t expect huge, major chains to close that early for a holiday. It was still daylight. Not even remotely close to New Years eve. IIRC The parties don’t even start until after 9pm. Haven’t been to a NY party in fifteen years or more. Its not my thing anymore. I stay home and off the road NY.

Normally I wouldn’t blow my gasket. But, I was just too stressed with all the other errands I had already done. I just couldn’t laugh it off yesterday.

You are a self-entitled douchebag.

Oh please. Do you really think that is the reason they closed at 5 pm? because of the drunk drivers?

You don’t. Most of the rest of us, who have been paying attention, realize that business hours tend to vary this time of year.

If it had been Christmas Eve that you went there, would you have been as upset?


Well, I am a LAWYER, so I know they are legally bound to the normal store hours, unless they post it on the computer. Call Johnny Cockring!


Hollering + bellowing = win!

But yes, I close a store three nights a week, and open it two mornings a week. Locked doors + no lights = fuck off.


Do they really? I happened to check for it this morning because I was wondering if they were open today, and all I could find was a FAQ entry saying they are closed Christmas and Thanksgiving, but other holiday closures vary by store. I wasn’t able to find holiday hours for each store.