Home Depot - lazy stinking worthless a-holes

I Drove 15 miles to Home Depot and the sorry bastards closed at 5pm for New years eve.
I got there at 5:05. :mad:

WTF is wrong with these lazy ass fools? New Years Eve is no stinking holiday. At least it’s not until night time. 5pm is not night time.

There was a entire line of people in the parking lot that walked nearly to the door and had to turn around and get back in there cars.

These stupid fools cost themselves a bunch of money this evening. I counted at least 15 customers that got turned away.

Even Kroger was staying open to 6 Pm and Home Depot has the nerve to close at 5pm?

I pit Home Depot and their ugly ass orange aprons.

You do know that they post their hours on the intertoobs, right?

You show up five minutes after they close and are mad at them? Holy shit are you an asshole.
On behalf of everyone, everywhere who has ever worked retail:

Bite my shiny metal ugly ass orange apron.

Jeez, the dudes in the orange aprons want to party on New Year’s Eve, too! They have to get home and eat, shower, and get ready to go out. It’s not all about you, ya know!

Those bastards being closed 5min after the store closes. What is the world coming to?

It is after 5pm. Especially if it’s also a Saturday.

Here I am pissed at Home Depot because the sink I ordered on December 4 is supposed to deliver in 15 days, and I call them yesterday and they tell me that it won’t be in until January 10. I just want my goddamn bathroom to be fully functional again!

But anyways, how come nobody complains that a store doesn’t open earlier than the posted hours if there are customers waiting outside?

Home Depot normally stays open until 10pm M-Sat and they close I think at 6 Sun.

Thats why the parking lot was half full when I got there with people wanting to shop. They should have been open. Instead they close before its even dark for NY Eve.

They lost me for a customer. I’m going to Lowes Monday for what I needed tonight.

So Lowe’s wasn’t open, either?

Fish + barrel = not much enjoyment.

I went to the local minimart and they were closed as well. How could those lazy fuckers think that they deserved time with their families when there are people who need beer?!?!

I showed them, I went to the 7-11 4 miles away. I’ll bet that they will have to close because they lost my business. I will sneer at the closed store tomorrow. Take that bitches!!!

Why should they have been open? I’m sure they posted that they would be closed early both by signage during the week and on the internet. I’m sure they didn’t want their employees driving home late at night with all the damned drunks on the roads. I’m no fan of HD and don’t shop there, but this actually demonstrates some corporate responsibility.

So what was it that you weren’t able to buy immediately to gratify your retail urge?

Should’ve gone to that Ace place…

More incandescent light blubs?

Several gallons of paint.

I had a full day of work planned Sunday. Can’t do much of anything now. Nothing will be open New Years. I’ll pick it up first thing Mon.


Yeah screw those employees for wanting to enjoy a holiday.

You must be a fucking barrel of laughs on the Fourth of July. Is that when you caulk the bathrooms?

He would if HD was open that day.

Wal*Mart should be open tomorrow. You might be able to get your paint there.