Home Depot: May you collapse under your own arrogance

Er… perhaps it may be nice if there was… a thread post here?

Did you know The Home Depot anagrams to “Hot Pee Method?”

We’ll be right back to this episode of Hardware, Hard Fall after a few words from Cecil. Stay tuned!

Well, something collapsed. :wink:

I dunno. I like Home Depot. Good times while I’m there.

Power tools… mmmm… Oh that reminds me… need more batteries…

I don’t think Home Depot sells those kinds of power tools, pencilpusher.

Did you know women are from Lowe’s, men are from Home Depot? That kind of bothers me. I prefer syrup.

One is opening up beside Canadian Tire here in TBay. I’ll stay with Canadian Tire, for I’d rather support a Canadian outfit.

Home Depot doesn’t sell tires, so I think you’re OK.

Hey, viva! Get your andorian blue buttocks in here and tell us of your Home Despot (yes, deliberate misspelling) woes.

I was all primed to hear a good fuck-you home depot rant. Damn hamsters.

I like Home Depot. Where else can you go to get a new toilet seat and a hot dog?

Wal-Mart, of course.

Yeah, but if you walk around Wal-Mart with a toilet seat around your neck, you’re boasting. In Home Depot, you’re just too lazy to get a shopping dolly.

They don’t have hot dogs in any Wal-Mart around here.

Wal-Mart is the main place to go for pretty much everything around here. There’s one not far from here (as things go in rural country) that has a grocery store inside it. You can, and I am not making this up, get a lawnmower, a hot dog, an evening gown and a squirt gun from the same store.

Thanks, punha. Now I’ve got this vision of you showing up at Dope-a-Ween wearing an evening gown, pushing a lawn mower, armed with a squirt gun, and eating a hot dog.

Somebody needs to make that a sig.

I only shop at Home Depot and refuse to patronize Lowe’s only because of the whole Jimmie Johnson / Tony Stewart deal. It just makes me feel dirty to be in Lowe’s.

Pfft - that’s pretty much how I envision him every time I see one of his posts.