Home Run Cycle

Has any professional baseball player ever hit a “home run cycle” in one game (a 1 run, 2 run, 3 run, and grand slam)?



According to SABR’s List and Record Book (2007, ed. Lyle Spatz) none of the 15 instances of men hitting 4 HRs in a game (since 1893) also appears on the list of 11men who’ve driven in 10 or more runs in a game, which is what hitting the HRs you describe would have to produce.

I’m pretty sure none of the 15 4-HR games includes a grand-slam, because SABR doesn’t say that any of them did, and they note all sorts of oddities (which ones hit 4 HRs in a losing effort, which ones also hit a double, which ones were in extra-inning games, etc.)

Of course, that only covers MLB players–not all professional players. There isn’t, AFAIK, a definitive record of every minor league game ever played.

Little hijack here,the other night in a Tiger game Cabrera homered in the 1st and 2nd inning and batted in the 3rd but failed to hit a HR.Has a player ever hit 3 homers in 3 consecutive innings?

Six MLB players have performed that rare feat.

As far as anyone knows the only pro baseball player to homer for the cycle was Tyrone Horne on July 27, 1998, in the Double-A Texas League.

Four homers in an MLB game by one player is so rare that one can safely assume that homering for the cycle won’t happen any time soon. I recall, though, that Tino Martinez once hit a one-run, two-run, and three-run homer in a game for the Yankees, then came up with the bases loaded three times but failed to hit the salami. Oh, here’s the game.

Mark Whiten hit four in a game on September 7, 1993, in the second game of a doubleheader. The first one was a grand slam. See here He later hit two three run shots and a two run blast, ending up with 12 RBI, also tying a major league record


My bad–or Spatz’ for noting stupid shit like “hit a double in the game, too” but not “hit a grand-slam.”

I can’t believe he didn’t hit a grand slam in four chances. What a loser! :wink: (Were they still pitching to him?)

Interesting question - it can’t be that often that it might be worthwhile to deliberately concede a walk with bases loaded!

According to the play-by-play, Martinez grounded out, walked, and struck out in his three tries. The walk and K were both in the same inning, BTW…both times with the bases loaded.

Jayson Stark would have a field day reporting on that game. Hard Hittin’ Mark Whiten, who appears elsewhere in this thread, went 3-for-3 with 3 RBI in the same game (no HR, though). And Mariners’ pitchers issued an unlucky 13 walks.

Unless I missed something, that game includes an instance of a person hitting 4 HRs, and getting at least 10 RBIs in the game, which contradicts your assertion that no player managed both feats, according to the source you consulted. So perhaps the source is in error in more ways than not noting the grand slam?

Buck Showalter walked Bonds with the bases loaded once in Arizona. My roommate says 2003, I was thinking more 2001. Unfortunately, Showalter won that battle.

Showalter managed the Diamondbacks from 1998-2000. Bob Brenly took over the reins for the 2001 season and lasted until mid-2004. So you both have the year and/or manager wrong, unless the Giants played Texas in 2003, when Showalter was managing the Rangers.

The IW with the bases loaded took place on May 28, 1998.

Wow…it happened in here San Antonio. “The Wolff” is not a home-run friendly ballpark at all either, unlike some of the other Texas League stadia.

According to baseball-almanac.com, there are only six known times it has been done - and only two times since the intentional walk became its own statisic in 1955. The most recent was just last season, when the Rays walked Josh Hamilton in the ninth inning of a game on August 17.