Home Security Scam?

We had a very polite, well spoken “salesman” stopped by our house today unsolicited to offer us a security equipment upgrade. He does not work for the company we have use for our security.

His pitch was to upgrade our equipment without involving ADT and save us a ton of money that ADT would normally charge. He only knew we use ADT from the sign in our yard. We would keep our ADT monitoring service but just have our security equipment swapped out from underneath ADT.

This guy didn’t have a business card or any brochures but had a mini tablet with some pictures on it of presumably his superior equipment. He had some vague plan about only needing to upgrade a few neighbors to cover the cost of the equipment or something and he wanted us to help him spread the word with our neighbors. He even offered to give us a new yard sign because ours was old he said.

My red flags went up instantly because here’s some guy talking about fiddling with my security equipment that is not from my security company. I tried to explain to him a number of times I only deal directly with my security company and not some unknown 3rd party. He did not understand and I finally had to cut the conversation off and move him on to his next victim.

So is this a scam or not?

Even if it isn’t a scam, I would react as if it was.

I have told the story here of people coming to my door asking, “Do you have a security system?” They have polo shirts with logos, clipboards, ID badges, the whole works. I assume they are legitimate.

However, I explain calmly to them that asking that question - “Do you have a security system?” - if frankly idiotic. Why would I tell a total stranger anything about my household security setup?

A couple of times the idiot thinks I am accusing them of being a burglar, and then they get hostile! Yep, that is a sure fire way to close a sale!

I would call ADT and see what they know about this “competitor.”

Yes. Or this guy’s an idiot. Either way, you don’t want to be involved with him.

I’m going to do this. I kept telling the guy, hoping he’d get the hint, that I would only expect to be doing business with ADT.

For all I know this guy scopes out the house during the upgrade, installs a non-working security system, and then sends his gang come back to rob me.

“No, I raise rattlesnakes. Look out!” slam door

Oops, wrong thread.

I would have engaged in conversation just long enough to get a look at the license plate of his vehicle, and then called the cops. There’s a word for people who try to make unauthorized modifications to home security systems.

Locksmith? Operas must not be paying anymore.






The “respectable” home security industry is scammy enough that I would avoid freelance door-to-door types like the plague.

I don’t buy any goods or services from ANYONE who just shows up at my door, uninvited. Most of them are scams, and the ones that will actually deliver a real product or service are greatly overpriced.

Yes, this includes Girl Scout Cookies. I don’t regard them as a scam or overpriced, but I don’t like kids going door-to-door. IMO, that’s just asking for some kid to be exposed to danger.

If I want to buy a product or service, I have a phone book and a phone. For that matter, I have a computer and an internet connection. I don’t need someone trying to sell me some sort of upgraded service.

I had one of these a couple of weeks ago. Very similar, except that this character did have a brochure (only one, so he couldn’t let me have it), and he did admit (after being asked multiple times) that he would be signing me up with another monitoring company. I told him that I never made such decisions off the cuff and asked for a number where I could reach him, at which point he gave me a disgusted look and left.

He also asked me about my neighbors’ security systems. Told him that I didn’t know (which is true), and that in any case I wouldn’t share that kind of information with someone who just came knocking on my door.

Alex Reiger thought so, but he answered the door anyway. Sure scared that little girl, you bet.