Homebrewing advice requested

Many years ago I made a few batches of homebrewed beer, and for a variety of reasons got out of the hobby. I have hung on to most of the equipment and after years of procrastinating have now decided to try to get back into it.

So… I stopped by the local homebrew supply shop to get some ingredients, but unfortunately they weren’t especially knowledgeable (the “expert” wasn’t in at the time). In the end I got a Muntons Wheat Beer kit from the Connossieurs range. I have the Papazian book (1991 edition complete with cheesy 70’s graphics) but it seems as if things have moved on since I last did this and I’m not sure I understand all the instructions.

Here are my questions:

  1. The kit doesn’t advise boiling the wort but instead pouring the can’s contents directly into the fermenter. Is this OK?

  2. It also advises adding sugar but doesn’t recommend how much. I bought a kilo of glucose for this, would this be appropriate?

  3. Do I need to get more glucose for bottling or can I reserve some of the first amount? Or can I use table sugar?

I know there is a fairly knowledgeable homebrew community on the Dope so hopefully someone can help out a not-quite-newbie. If you have any other tips I’d be interested in hearing them. I do want to keep it simple for the first batch though…